Destiny 2: So you get the exotic tale of a dead person in the new sign quest


Destiny 2: So you get the exotic tale of a dead person in the new sign quest

In Destiny 2 you can fight your way through a creepy spaceship and puzzle your way around the new exotic "Tale of the Dead" in Season 13. We'll tell you in large parts, without spoilers, how you survive the horror and what the cool western scout can do.

This weapon is at stake: The Exotic Scout Rifle Tale of the Dead is a brand new weapon for Season 13 of Destiny 2 . The rifle with repeating lever comes in a chic Western look, introduces a new archetype and makes a lot of things.

You get Tale of a Dead person through the quest "The Voice from Beyond" and you can even loot the weapon with Random Rolls. OkayGotcha tell you in this guide...

  • how you survive the scary trip on the spaceship in the mission "omens" and solve the numerous puzzles.
  • what the exotic reward can do and what the catalyst is.

However, a large part of the guide is spoiler-free and it is only later in the text about surprises, fights and mechanics.

Find “The Voice from Beyond” and start “Vorzeichen”

Before you can hold the new exotic in your hands and scare yourselves in the omnibus mission, you first have to find the quest "The voice on the other side". It is not conveniently displayed to you via marker.

You have to do that:

  • Start the strike "The Arms Dealer" in the ETZ. In the Destiny week from February 15th. until 02/23 is that the twilight strike. Alternatively, you can select the strike from orbit directly in the ETZ.
  • Directly in the first room on the right there is now a door that has been locked since 2017.
  • Fight your way over the bridges to a container on the right platform. Here you will find an emergency signal - interact.
  • Then nothing suspicious happens at first. You can now leave the mission and should visit Zavala in the tower.

Zavala will then send you on the new signed mission. You can find them in the Tangled Bay. The necessary steps for the mission in the strike "arms dealer" can be found here in a short video:

Spoiler-free, the most important thing about the exotic quest "Signs"

At this point you don't have to fear any spoilers. We only give you general tips for preparation. It's not just straight ahead on the ghost ship. Always look up and down and you sometimes have to return to places you have already visited, as a new path opens up here.

How to prepare: The mission recommends a power level of 1,230, but a modifier is active that lets the enemies deal out harder. In addition, the radar is permanently deactivated.

You can start the mission alone or you can bring up to 2 other guardians into the team - there is no automatic player search. There is no time pressure, so no timer like in other missions. But plan a good hour for your first visit (later runs are quicker).

Be sure to pack exotic boots that improve your jumping and movement options:

  • Transversive Steps for Warlocks
  • ST4MP-F3R for hunters
  • Unruly lion for titans
For large parts of the mission, the choice of weapon does not matter, as you will puzzle or get scared. You should definitely take a ranged weapon with you, for example a scout rifle - you have to shoot distant objects from time to time and struggle with snipers. You will often be surprised by smaller groups of enemies in narrow corridors, so a good melee weapon is also important. As a power weapon, anarchy has proven to be extremely valuable.

These puzzles and mechanics await you on the spaceship

This is how the spore mechanics works: During the course of the mission, you will encounter passages several times that are blocked by a blue sheen. If you get too close, you will suffer heavy damage. You can only pass the blue light with the Eregor Link buff.

You get this buff from bulbous growths. If the plants have a bluish shimmer, go up close and shoot or hit them. You then have the spore buff for 15 seconds.

On the left the spores that grant the buff - on the right the path sealed by blue light

If you were too slow, you have to get the buff again. It can take a few seconds before the spores light up again and you can get your "Eregor connection".

You should know that about switches: There are control panels with levers hidden everywhere on the ghost ship. If the switch lights up red, you can activate it.

  • As soon as it is pressed once, the switch lights up green permanently.
  • Don't worry, you only have to activate each device once and there are no “on and off puzzles”.
  • For every switch that is thrown, a door opens or a nearby mechanism is activated.

There are these destructible objects: On board the Glykon you will not only find switches and spurs, you also have to search your surroundings for destructible objects. These objects can be on ceilings, walls, the floor or in the far distance.

  • You can destroy numerous ventilation shafts and covers. A couple of shots from the primary weapon or one punch is enough. If you don't see any damage figures, you can't destroy this grid either.

Get the barriers out of the way

  • Diodes or nodes: watch out for electrical nodes. These have a bluish glow and can also be destroyed. In this way, passages, trap doors or other previously impassable paths open. Often it is not immediately clear which passage opens.

The diode pops off

Now and then you come across bridges. These automatically rotate correctly when you approach. So take the plunge.

The first steps in Destiny 2's signed mission

As mentioned, ideally you should blindly enjoy the mission and the thick atmosphere on your first run. If you don't have the time or want a relaxed start, we'll show you the first few minutes how to escape a death trap and the boss fight.

This is how the mission begins:

  • As soon as you take control after the short cutscene, you have to jump left into the vastness of space. Hop and crawl through the corridors to the first counter. You will find your first destructible ventilation shafts and a lever.
  • A short time later you will also find the spore mechanics and should practice it briefly.
  • You come to an area with a force or arc field. Now you have to go back and forth in an area for the first time. Activate the switch on the right, collect the spore buff in the entrance area and then jump left over the abyss.
  • Then jump over the next abyss and you will come to your first diode. Shoot them and a hatch opens right in front of you.

Start a spacewalk into the dark

This is how you survive the trash compactor

When you find yourself in the huge, bright room, you should activate the switch at the very end. Then things get hairy for Guardians with claustrophobia. The walls are now getting closer and will crush you after a few seconds.

You have to do that:

  • On the ground you will now find bars that you can shoot through.
  • Your goal is to destroy the 3 blue diodes behind it - and only this one.
  • In between, some sprinklers spawn.
  • Jump up and get a better overview.
  • Once the few opponents have been eliminated and the press stopped, you shoot the glowing red grille on the ground and you've made it once.
  • This is followed by a short fight against a horde of scorns below. Pay special attention to the crossbowmen.

Here is a video that guides you through the labyrinth of the glycon and the complete mission "Signs":

Win the boss fight against "Home of Communion" in the boiler room

Shortly before the final fight, a banner location is waiting. Refresh your ammunition and skills here and face the mock boss "home of communion". Waves of adds keep appearing throughout the fight, so don't focus blindly on the boss.

This is how you cool down the room: If you have done enough damage to the boss and done enough adds, the coward crawls one floor deeper into the boiler room. You could fight afterwards and continue, but you burn and die after a few seconds.

In the upper room you will find 3 terminals that pour out the coolant.

  • A cooling station is on the left and right outside of the arena.
  • The 3rd station is behind you in a combustion chamber - here you receive fire damage and have to hurry to activate it.
  • If all 3 cooling stations are active, you jump on the outer edge one floor below and continue the fight.
  • You can tell whether it is safe when the surroundings turn blue - if it turns red again, then quickly disappears.

After a while the lower floor overheats again and you have to go through the whole game with the cooling system upstairs again.

A few Tipps:

  • Beware of the melee attack. They beat you right into the red area and also ignite the ground.
  • For a simple fight, shoot the boss 2 anarchy mines and take care of the adds. You can keep your time on the lower floor very short and hop back up.
  • Alternatively, you can kill the boss very quickly with a sword or, for example, the crack of thunder with a new exotic - but it's risky.

After the fight, a path opens up, which is then indicated to you by a quest marker. At the end you will find a surprise. Wait a moment after the dialogue, only then will the mission end itself.

Then visit Zavala in the tower, complete the first quest "The Voice from Beyond" and finally receive your reward.

Your reward: the story of a dead man

The Exotic Scout: Tale of a Dead is a scout rifle for the Kinetik slot. The primary weapon with a 14 round magazine is the only scout with a rate of fire of 120. Instead of a large sight, the western rifle aims over the rear sight and front sight.

These are the exo perks:

  • Cranial Pin: Precision hits increase damage and improve reload speed. You can stack the buff up to 5 times.
  • Transformative: This exotic can drop with random rolls. Similar to Falkenmond, you do not have completely fixed properties, but can receive perks randomly like with a legendary weapon.
  • So you can adapt the story of a dead person to your individual needs - if you are lucky enough to loot.

The full sound is also noticeable, with a maximum buff stack even the banjo known from cowboy films plays in the background.

Where do random rolls come from? If you have earned the weapon once, you can restart the signed mission from orbit. At the end of each character you get the exotic with random properties (the scout is then even top loot).

  • By the way, it is enough if you have completed the mission with a guardian in order to be able to start it with your second or third character.
  • When asked whether there will be an exotic with random rolls every season, the Bungie Community Manager has an answer: According to Dylan "dmg04" Gaffner, they don't want to rule out other exotic products of this kind. But it could take a while before something like this goes live again (via Twitter ).
  • If you are looking for fellow players, the official companion app for Destiny 2 is ideal. Since the surprising start of the mission, there has been a strong search there - even without the need for a microphone.

The masterpiece catalytic converter and other secrets on board

Is there more to come? It is known from data mining finds that there are still some secrets lurking in the mission. There is also talk of a harder version of accidentals.

In the gloomy corridors of the spaceship you come across data pads, a surprisingly magnificent jet in the Calus style and a hologram in the shape of the head of the emperor.

Will that be important later?

In addition, Tale of a Dead has a masterpiece catalyst, which is not yet in the game and will be available in the course of season 13. According to database entries, this should improve hipfire accuracy and increase the rate of fire when shooting from the hip.

Have you already ventured into the omnibus mission and are you pleasantly surprised? What role would you like the story of a dead man to have and how is the only 120 scout doing in your opinion? Tell us in the comments.

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