Destiny 2: Umbral engrams 2021 - So you focus them in Season 13


Destiny 2: Umbral engrams 2021 - So you focus them in Season 13

Destiny 2 has brought back the popular Umbral engrams, with which you determine your own loot. How you focus them, what the examining hammer has to do with it and where you open these engrams, we explain in this guide.

The most important things in a nutshell: In Destiny 2, Season 13, the Season of the Chosen , started on February 9, 2021 . The Guardians hunt for new exotic species and must stop the force of a Cabal princess . The fresh Destiny chapter has also turned the sandbox inside out.

  • So-called Umbral engrams are now on board.
  • Many players already know this from Season 11 (2020), but the loot mechanism works differently in the new year.

OkayGotcha explains here what Umbral engrams are all about, how you focus them and what the prism converter and the exam hammer in the new HELM headquarters play an important role in this.

What are Umbral Engrams in Destiny 2?

This allows you to determine your own loot and thus farm God Rolls on weapons and armor from a large pool.

Where can I find Umbral engrams in Season 13?

You just have to play activities in Destiny 2 (more in the article). You can also randomly receive an Umbral engram from enemy kills. If you have one, you can see it in the character inventory in the upper right corner.

How do I open Umbral Engrams?

These are engrams (dark purple), but they are not redeemed at the cryptarch like legendary or exotic engrams. You have to go to the Umbral decoder or prism converter.

Where is the prism converter 2021?

To focus or decode an Umbral engram, you have to go to the HELMET. Select this new location in the top left of the tower map.

You will receive Umbral Engrams in these activities:

  • Battlefields
  • Patrols
  • Strikes
  • Melting pot
  • gambit
  • The trial by fire
  • Public events
  • The blind spring
  • Nightmare hunts
  • Exo challenges
  • Empire hunts

On top of that, through seasonal upgrades, you unlock options for more or better Umbral engrams. As mentioned, defeating regular enemies all over the world gives you a low chance of doing this.

By the way, you can have up to 10 Umbral engrams in your inventory - then they go to the postmaster. Note, however, that you also need space for legendary engrams here.

The Umbral decoder and the prism converter in detail

If you have captured an Umbral Engram, you have two options.

  • Unpack right away on the Umbral decoder
  • Focus on the prism converter and then decode

Both devices can be found next to each other in the HELM.

He can do that Umbral decoder: Here you open an Umbral engram without further ado. You can find this machine directly at the HELM's spawn point when you enter from the tower - not like in Season 11 with the Vagabond.

If you unzip the Umbral engram directly, a random legendary weapon or armor can pop out as a reward. But unpacking does not cost you anything. It's like the cryptarch and normal engrams.

Focus on Umbral engrams and determine loot yourself

This is what the prism converter can do : This is where things get more complicated. You interact with this machine a little to the right of the spawn point in the HELMET.If you click on the prism converter, you have to select the Kabal symbol and another screen with a hammer in the background opens.

What is the focus? You also open Umbral engrams here, but this time it costs resources. But you can determine what kind of loot is in your Umbral engram. Determining the contents of an Umbral Engram is called "focusing" in Destiny.

  • You can choose whether you want a weapon, armor or even just new, seasonal equipment.
  • The more precisely you want to limit the loot pool from which the item in the engram comes, the more expensive it will be.
  • Initially, you only have very rough focus options.
  • In the course of the season, however, you unlock more precise focusing options that let you determine which status values ​​an armor should have or whether you can find the new Cabal sniper rifle in the engram, for example.

If an Umbral engram is focused, you have to bring it to the Umbral decoder.

If you're wondering where you're going to rank up or find seasonal mods in Season 13, you'll have to walk a few more meters. In the back of the HELM you will find the strategy table. Here you can improve your exam hammer and receive packages when you master seasonal challenges.

This is how you get prism lenses and unlock new focussing

There are a total of 3 levels of focus to choose from. You unlock the first stage right at the start of the season. But so that you have the better limitation for Umbral engrams, you have to activate focus levels 2 and 3 - you do that with prism lenses.

So there are more options: With weapon or skill kills or by fulfilling certain goals. You can see the exact task each time you navigate through the focus on the prism converter.

  • For example, take out 750 enemies with sniper rifles or bows to get level 2 focus and guaranteed to have a sniper rifle or bow in the Umbral engram.
  • If you then take out 2,100 enemies with these weapons, you will get the level 3 focus for it and you have an additional perk to choose from with your sniper rifles and bows.
You can also get some prism lenses from shattered tribute boxes at the end of the battlefield activity. The 3rd way to come across a prism lens and re-focus is by chance when completing an activity.

Some of the new weapons from Season 13 that can also be found in Umbral engrams

In a nutshell: If you want to influence your loot, even specifically farm certain weapons or receive armor with suitable values, you have to focus on the Umbral engram on the prism converter.

You will get more and more focus options over the course of Season 13. Remember that the more precise the focus, the higher the price will be.

Stop... that's why the exam hammer is so important

That costs focussing: If you have wondered why there is an imposing hammer in the background of the prism converter - there is a good reason for that. You pay for the focussing of level 2 and 3 for the most part with your fire test hammer. Even at level 1, some foci cost hammer charges.

The required hammer charges vary from 1 to 5. In addition, you also have to loosen Kabal gold or legendary fragments.

So you have a lot of time: The loot mechanics around the Umbral engrams and the prism converter can be quite overwhelming at first. So our tip: Play Season 13 at your own pace, gradually focus on loot from the Umbral engrams and upgrade the Prisma converter.

The seasonal challenges will slowly introduce you to the topic. And towards the end of the season you could almost drown in Umbral engrams anyway. On top of that, the seasonal content should remain relevant throughout Year 4 of Destiny 2.

By the way, OkayGotcha will update this article during the season so that you are always up to date.

Do you still have questions about Umbral engrams or the focussing? Or did you even come across some good tips that you missed here? Let us and the other readers know in the comments.

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