Details of Rogue class, open world and PvP in Diablo IV


Details of Rogue class, open world and PvP in Diablo IV

After revealing the Rogue class, the developer has shared many new Diablo IV details regarding class, open world and PvP.

The Rogue has three specializations: Combo Points, Shadow Realm, and Exploit Weakness. They are activated through quests provided by the various Rogue factions in the game.

You can also infuse attacks with many elements to make your build more flexible.

As for the open world. You can collect mounts by solving puzzles, visiting locations and killing monsters. You can also personalize them in several ways to make them feel like your companions.

Regarding the camps that are "strongholds of evil" in the open world. Players will have to return them to the people of Sanctuary. Each has its own story, and this feature allows you to really influence the world. Once you clear them, you have a new waypoint, marketplace, and more.

Another element that was demonstrated is the crawl with movement options new to Diablo games, including environmental puzzles.

Speaking of PvP. In the open world, there are areas called "Fields of Hatred" dedicated to PvP.

In these areas, you can earn Shards of Hate, which can be refined and converted into currency that can be spent at a special vendor. When you try to clear them, other players will know about it and will be able to attack you to steal your shards.

The equipment that can be purchased with these shards is no better than the equipment available elsewhere, it's just a big focus on what players who are committed to PvP may want.

As you become more and more involved in PvP, you will become a "vessel of hatred" and everyone will see you on the map as a threat. Other players will get bonuses for killing you, but you will also get a big reward if you manage to survive for a period of time.

You can collect ears as trophies. They are actually marked with the names of the people you kill in PvP.

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