Download and Install Windows 10 for free

Download and Install Windows 10 for free

For years to install Windows we had to perform a lot of steps, have a series of tools and have floppy disks, readers, DVDs and other formats at hand. The new times have made all that fall into oblivion. In fact, if we use the most common way of installation, an external hard drive or USB memory with sufficient capacity will be the only thing we need.

Microsoft's new tools have made installing Windows 10 so easy and simple that we can do it with a few simple steps and with practically no effort. In this trick we will accompany you step by step so that you have no doubts about how to do it. You may also need these Windows 10 keys during the installation process. 

Download Windows 10 Free

The entire download process is managed from Microsoft's download tool, publicly available for free on its website. Before starting with the steps to follow, some things should be clarified:

  • In this guide we are going to use an external hard drive or USB memory of at least 8GB .
  • This guide is specific to fresh and fresh Windows installations.
  • If you do not have any Windows on the computer where you are going to install Windows 10 at this time, you must follow the download process on another computer.
  • We will also need 8GB of free space on that computer.
  • All versions of Windows 10 are included and we can choose the one that suits us during the installation process.

Let us therefore proceed to the download:

  1. We download the Windows 10 Download Tool by clicking here . It occupies about 18MB.
  2. Once the download of the tool is finished, we open it. We note that initially it will take a few seconds to initialize and "Make preliminary preparations".
  3. The first thing we get is a license term which we must "Accept" to continue.
  4. In the next step we must choose the option “Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD or ISO file) for another PC.
  5. In the next step, the preferred options should already have come out by default, taking into account the computer from which we have run the download tool. In any case, make sure you choose the following options correctly:
  • The correct language in your country variant as appropriate or based on your language preference. 
  • The version of Windows that we want to install, in this case 10.
  • The architecture depends on the age of your computer and its processor. Generally, all computers sold since 2005 have 64-bit processors. If your computer is older choose 32bits. When in doubt, it is best to choose 64 bits.
6. As soon as you get to the next step, make sure you have the USB drive or external storage connected to the computer where you are using this download tool.
  • Also make sure that you don't have anything of value on said USB drive.
7. Once this is done, in this step we must choose what type of media to download Windows 10 to . The first option called "USB Flash Drive" must be selected, since this will prepare our storage unit so that the Windows 10 installation system is recognized by the computer where we are going to install it later.

8. In the next step we get all the external storage units that are connected to the PC on which we are running this tool. Make sure you choose the correct one.

9. Ready, after clicking next, the Windows 10 download process will begin, which may take several minutes and hours.

10. We press the finish button and with that we will have completed the process of downloading and preparing our USB drive.

Once this is done, you only have to remove the USB memory or external storage from the computer where you have carried out the download process and plug it into the computer where you want to install Windows 10.

If your computer is empty, does not have an operating system, the computer will detect that your USB memory contains the Windows installation process, and will execute it immediately. You just have to follow the steps of the installation process to finish installing Windows 10.

You should also know that Windows 10 is paid software, and that, despite Microsoft allowing its download, we will have to activate it with original license keys. Right off the bat, Microsoft offers us generic Windows 10 keys that allow you to activate and use Windows 10 during a trial period.

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