EA officially ceases work on Anthem and the rework


EA officially ceases work on Anthem and the rework

The shooter Anthem has struggled with problems since its release. It has been speculated for a long time whether the further development could be stopped. It is now officially clear that EA and BioWare will no longer work on Anthem Next or on updates in general.

This is what Bioware says: In an emotional blog post , Christian Dailey announced that work on Anthem and the revision of Anthem 2.0 or Next will be discontinued.

Since the release, the game has been worked hard, as Dailey emphasized. However, due to Corona, 2020 should have been a difficult year and productivity generally lower:

2020 was a year like no other, and while we at Bioware continue to make progress on all of our gaming projects, working from home has impacted our productivity during the pandemic, and not everything we planned as a studio before COVID-19 can thus be achieved without undue stress on our teams.

Therefore it has now been decided to stop work and to focus on upcoming titles from Mass Effect and Dragon Age, as well as to bring new updates for the MMORPG SWTOR .

Finally, he thanked the Anthem community:

To the Anthem Community: Thank you for your passion and creativity. Your feedback and suggestions will certainly help shape the direction of the team, and personally, your kindness and encouragement over the past year was very much needed. 

What's next for Anthem? Anthem will not be discontinued for the time being. The game continues with the current status. However, there will be no updates.

It is unclear how long the servers will ultimately stay online.

Anthem is pulped after a long ordeal

This is how the development of Anthem went: Anthem was released in February 2019. It quickly became clear that the basic gameplay of Anthem was convincing, but not the game systems. Above all, the topic of loot was criticized .

Anthem was supposed to run for 10 years, but shortly after the release, important updates were missing. Almost a year after the release, it was said that a major rework should come: Anthem 2.0 .

From March to November 2020, there were sporadic blog posts and Twitter messages at the Anthem Next booth. 

In February 2021, journalist Jason Schreier reported that EA should decide internally whether Anthem will continue or be discontinued.

This is the team that Anthem Next was originally supposed to build.

 Electronic Arts pulls the plug at Anthem

What was going on at Anthem Next? Anthem 2.0 (or Anthem Next) has apparently been in an “incubator” stage for a year and a half. That was an emergency solution as far as we know from insider reports:

  • Actually, a team in Austin, Texas, which had previously worked on the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, was intended to oversee the further development of Anthem
  • The bosses who were supposed to be responsible for this further development left BioWare in 2019 one after the other
  • It also became apparent that Anthem could not be saved with “normal updates”. So the project “Anthem Next” started, a major overhaul of the game.
  • At that time, we believed on OkayGotcha that Anthem was “too big to fail” for EA - too big to just drop it
  • The project started in an “incubator” mode with a small team of 30 people - you should apparently do the groundwork
  • In the beginning it was said that according to insider reports, people in Texas were still hopeful and looking forward to saving “Anthem” and had a clear vision

Now for the game's 2nd birthday, in February 2021, this incubator phase of Anthem was over. EA had to decide whether or not to go into full production of Anthem Next.

Apparently they decided against it.

Observers had foreseen this development. Because it was not apparent how EA should earn money again with Anthem Next. Early on, BioWare and EA had ruled out taking money for the game's DLC.

A further development would have been simply too expensive economically.

In addition, with Christian Dailey, the boss of Anthem Next left the team at the end of 2020: He had to help out elsewhere at BioWare. He has taken over the management of Dragon Age 4.

Anthem was intended to be a game in 2019 that would build on the considerable success of Destiny. But even this game is not as strong as it was a few years ago. A lot looks like loot shooters are generally in a crisis.

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