Escape and Defeat Anger Bowser | Bowser's Fury

 In Bowser's Fury , anger Bowser ensures that you cannot explore the game world in peace. It can be quite annoying when you are constantly distracted and first have to take care of angry bowsers. In this guide we explain to you what options you have to defeat Bowser and whether you can avoid him completely!

So you can escape anger bowser

From a distance you can always see how Anger Bowser's armor slowly rises out of the black substance until he finally terrorizes you with his attacks. He also creates platforms that pave new paths for you and that you can use as protection. Anger-Bowser is not completely pointless, because only his flames can destroy special Bowser blocks , behind which cat insignia are hidden.

Use the time and lure angry Bowser to the glowing Bowser blocks to clear the way to a cat insignia.

If you want to drive away angry bowsers, you can only do so if you collect a cat insignia. The bright light then drives away the giant directly. So if you want to get rid of Bowser quickly, it is a good idea not to collect every cat insignia, but to leave a few easily accessible insignia for emergencies .

The alternative is to let Bowser rage until he finally runs away. This takes a few minutes, but finally Bowser withdraws and gives you a break until the next attack.

Is it possible to finally defeat Bowser?

In the beginning, anger bowser isn't a big deal. After all, there is a lot to discover and lots of cat insignia to get hold of, so you can get rid of it quickly. But if not that many insignia are left, it can be quite annoying if Bowser disturbs your search, especially since he is also becoming more and more persistent.

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely "deactivate" Anger Bowser during the game or to avoid it for a long time. Only when you have played 100% of the game and collected all 100 cat insignia will Bowser be released and no longer bother you in his anger form. Then you can finally wander around the game world in peace. It's just a shame that there is then nothing left to do.

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