Expand memory: Important information and recommendations for Nintendo Switch

Expand memory: Important information and recommendations for Nintendo Switch

 The Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are delivered with an internal memory of 32 GB. The first thought: How can you expand the memory? But is it even necessary and how much storage space do games consume on the Nintendo Switch? First the positive answer: Yes, you can expand the memory, but you have to consider a few things.

The Nintendo Switch is actually ahead of its time, because according to official information, the console can be expanded up to 2 TB with a MicroSD card . Such memory cards are currently not even available on the market! But the size of a card is not the only thing you have to pay attention to if you want to expand the memory of the Nintendo Switch.

Why should I add more memory to my Nintendo Switch at all?

Of the 32 GB of the internal memory, 6 GB are already occupied by the operating system of the Nintendo Switch . If you buy games in a store or from Amazon , the internal memory should last for a while. However, as soon as you decide to buy and download games from the Nintendo Shop, space will be tight.

Let's just take The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . This game is over 13 GB at release. This means that almost half of the internal memory is used. The question of whether you should expand the memory would actually be sufficiently answered.

Fortunately, it is really very easy to increase the memory capacity of the Switch, as all you have to do is insert the correct MicroSD card . You don't need to unscrew anything and you can remove the card at any time, provided the console is switched off. A setup is also not necessary. What you absolutely have to pay attention to: The MicroSD cannot be used with multiple switch consoles.

Nintendo Switch - Expand storage with the right MicroSD

The following list tells you everything you need to know about compatibility.

  • What can I save on the microSD? The map can be loaded with downloadable games, screenshots or saved games. There are practically no restrictions - it is like a second hard drive.
  • What types of MicroSD are compatible with the Nintendo Switch? If you want to expand the memory, you can use a MicroSD (memory limit 2GB), MicroSDHC (memory limit 32 GB) or MicroSDXC (memory limit 2 TB).
  • Does the console support UHS-II? Yes, but a card with such a speed is not necessary. It costs more money and the switch converts the speed down to UHS-I anyway. The situation is similar with speed class 3.
  • Is the writing and reading speed of the card important? No and yes. While you can ignore the write speed, you have to make sure that the read rate is at least 60 MB / s.

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