FFXIV Patch 5.45: Upgrade for the Weapons of Resistance


FFXIV Patch 5.45: Upgrade for the Weapons of Resistance

With the patch 5.45, the new upgrades for the weapons of resistance in Final Fantasy XIV are available. Here you can find out how to upgrade your weapons.

With patch 5.45, players can now upgrade their relics twice.

FFXIV 5.45: Upgrading the Resistance Weapons

In order to unlock the next upgrade of your resistance weapon, you first have to start the next quest in the quest series for the Queen's Guard in Gangos by speaking to Marsak (X: 6.4 Y: 5.7) and accepting the quest "The Queen's Memories".

This quest takes you to the new Delubrum Reginae dungeon, which is designed for 24 players. After completing the dungeon, you can start your weapon upgrade.

In order to upgrade your relic, pick up the quest called "Replaced Swords" from Gerolt in Gangos (X: 6.2 Y: 5.0). This quest is followed directly by the second one called "Well hammered".

For the first step of the upgrade, you have to collect 15 "Memory Lumps of Sorrows", which you can farm in the following locations:

  • Critical fighting on the Bozja southern front
  • In the 24-man raid crystal tower
We tried out for you to participate in a Critical Battle. Retaining a memory lump of grief is not guaranteed. If you do the crystal tower in unsynch mode, you won't get any lumps.

FFXIV 5.45: Lumps of memory of calamity and anger

According to the reddit user Hakul, the next step of the upgrade will lead you away from the Bozja southern front.

To complete the quest called “Help from the House of Wonders”, players must collect 18 memory lumps of doom.

These can be obtained through:

  • Complete the Heavensward expansion's 24-man raid
  • Completed FATEs in areas of Gyr Abania

You must also collect 18 memory lumps of anger. You get it like this:

  • Complete the 24-man raids of the Stormblood expansion
  • Completed FATEs in the Othard Territories

After you have brought the lumps to Gerolt, you can take on the final quest of this upgrade: "Weapons as desired".

FFXIV 5.45: Clay artifacts

In order to complete this level of weapon upgrade and the quest "Weapons As You Want", you will need to deliver 15 clay artifacts to Gerolt.

You can embrace this by completing the following content:

  • The new dungeon "Delubrum Reginae" on the southern front of Bozja.
  • The "Palace of the Dead"

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