Fishing in Valheim - where to find a fishing rod and how to catch fish


Fishing in Valheim - where to find a fishing rod and how to catch fish

Valheim is a new survival game that is dedicated to the era of the ancient Vikings. You have to not only build your settlement and fight, but also look for something to eat. For example, fish found in local waters. In this guide we will tell you where you can find a fishing rod and how fishing works in Valheim.

Where can I find a fishing rod?

Unfortunately, there is no way to make a fishing rod yourself in the game. The only way to get it is to buy it from Haldor the merchant. He appears on the map at a random location. When you find yourself near the merchant, you will see a characteristic icon on the map.

Where can I find a fishing rod

The price of a fishing rod is 350 gold coins. You also need a fishing bait worth 10 coins. Most likely, at an early stage, you will not have such a large amount, so we recommend that you take your time with the purchase of a fishing rod.

How to fish?

Note that sometimes the fish is thrown ashore, so you can collect it without any fishing rod. However, if you don't find anything, you'll have to go fishing. To do this, find a reservoir in which fish is found. You should see her floating in the water. Then take the rod and cast it. Remember that you need bait.

How to fish

The fishing process is controlled with the mouse. The left button controls the distance at which you cast the line. Press and hold it to set the throw range. As soon as you release the button, your hero will throw the line. Then wait for the moment when bubbles appear near the float. As soon as it sinks under water - right-click and hold it to reel in the line and pull the fish towards you. The screen should pop up "hooked".

where to find a fishing rod and how to catch fish

When you pull a fish towards you, you expend stamina. If it runs out, you cannot hold the rod. Therefore, it is advisable to eat before fishing. Note that cooked meat will provide more stamina than fruits.

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