Free Fire: All Battle Tags and How to Get Them (2021)


Free Fire: All Battle Tags and How to Get Them (2021)

We detail what the Free Fire battle tags are and how you can get them according to your performance in each battle royale battle.

Free Fire continues to surprise all its players thanks to the details that we are unraveling from the update that the game received at the beginning of this month of February: the Cobra Project . In fact, this week the agenda is loaded with special Cobra skins so that we can get them as a reward or by spending our precious diamonds . Below we explain one of the recent novelties, known as the “ battle tags ”, since there are many players who do not know how to get them and their usefulness in Garena's battle royale , available for free on iOS and Android mobile devices.

All Free Fire Battle Tags

  • Dominator - Eliminate opponents and be the final survivor
  • No crown : opponents eliminated but did not survive to the end
  • Best Friend - Support your teammates by helping them get up.
  • Sniper - Eliminate opponents from a distance.
  • Fighter - Eliminate opponents up close.
  • Peacemaker - Be the final survivor with as little combat as possible.
  • Ninja : fresh and collected, occupies the best terrain.
  • Guerrilla : move around and look for opportunities to attack.

How to get them all

As you can see, to get these labels we will have to play different roles and achieve one or another feat during our games in Free Fire. If our objective is to achieve them all, we will have to try different strategies and change our usual game mode, since some like "Dominator" ask us to be the winner of the battle royale while others are simply looking for good opportunities to attack (Guerrilla) . The magic is in discovering how to get each one of them and we believe that you are perfectly capable of achieving it with the callsigns that we have left you previously.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that these labels will be displayed on each player's profile and others will be able to see them when they visit our profile virtually. Therefore, if we want to show that we are the best and the dominators of each game, we will have to practice ... and win.

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