Free Fire: how to get free diamonds (2021)


Free Fire: how to get free diamonds (2021)

We tell you an effective method to get free diamonds in Free Fire, the successful title now available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Free Fire continues to provide players with constant updates week after week. From Garena , the company in charge, they are clear that keeping the game updated is one of the main keys to its great success, which already places it among one of the best battle royale of this year 2021. As a timeless theme, since It is always good to fill our coffers with valuable resources, in this article we focus on explaining how you can get diamonds for free in Free Fire , as well as what other ways there are to obtain them and the reason why they are so valuable . With them we can get skins , weaponsand much more, so we recommend that you accumulate a few diamonds so that you always have them on hand when you go to the digital store to spend them.

How to get diamonds in Free Fire

The diamonds are the most valuable material that can be found in Free Fire. It is the internal currency within the game , so it is used to buy items in the store , keep the Battle Pass updated, acquire skins, additional skills and more. They are paid ( from 100 diamonds for € 1.09 to 5,600 diamonds for € 54.99) , but there are still legal ways to get them at no cost. These are some of them:

  • Redeem codes : we must make sure that they are legal and safe codes and, once verified (they are a combination of 12 characters), we go to the official website of Garena , the developer, to be able to exchange them. So we will get varied items such as skins, hats and even diamonds .

  • Completing missions : when we complete one of the missions proposed by Free Fire, we can get a pack of diamonds. Having said that, it should be added that it is not about all the missions, but about some of them, so we must be careful to know how to differentiate them and be able to play them in time.

  • Get prizes in Gamehag: this is a website where we can get hold of the so-called “Gems of the Soul” by completing various tasks such as playing games. Once we have them in our possession, we can exchange them for money that is accumulated in our Google account. In this way, we can buy diamonds with these newly acquired funds.

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