Genshin Impact: Guide to the Photo Event - How to get the perfect shot

 The event "Joy in Five Colors" is currently running in Genshin Impact . To do this you have to take photos with a camera and you can earn veterans and other rewards. We at OkayGotcha explain the event to you.

What kind of event is that? With the new patch 1.3 , the event "Joy in five colors" appeared. The point is that you take pictures of certain objects with the “fascinating camera”.

You have time from February 3, 2021 to February 10, 2021 at 3:59 a.m. (server time).

Every day you are given the task of photographing a specific color. However, these objects (for example in red) are randomly sorted into different colors for the event. And that is exactly what creates the confusion that we want to clear up in the article.

Ji Tong and the sequence of "joy in five colors"

What are the requirements for the event?

  • You must be at least adventure level 20
  • You must complete Ji Tong's “A Special Painting” assignment

What you don't need, however, is the classic camera. You can still earn it by completing a quest with Xu in Liyue. If you have developed fun taking photos, you should do that too, because the “Fascinating Camera” only allows 10 photos.

Where can you find Ji Tong? Ji Tong is in Liyue directly below the teleportation point. It is marked with a camera symbol on the map if you have reached adventure level 20.

You just have to talk to the NPC to start the tasks. Then he will present you with the item "Fascinating camera". From then on you will find the camera in the inventory under "Aids".

How is the event going? Ji Tong will now ask you every day to take photos in certain colors. On day 1 this was red. So you had to go to a place that has a lot of red objects. You can see which color is currently active in the event window in the menu.

You can recognize a suitable motif when the focus ring, a blue circle, appears. However, it gets a bit confusing here:

  • After you take a photo of the red object, it will count towards one of five colors: red, blue, yellow, brown, or purple.
  • In the end, the color of the motif (the red object) does not match the color of your photo. Chance plays a role here.
  • You have to collect all 5 different colors every day.
  • Every day you can take a maximum of 10 photos, whereby you can only photograph each object once (but it is possible to photograph several apples on a tree, for example).

If you don't catch a color, there is a trick: You can exchange photos with your friends. So if you are unlucky and take several red photos, maybe someone else can help you out.

Genshin Impact: Guide to the Photo Event

Up to 480 veterans and other rewards

What are the rewards? Every day, if you have photographed the 5 different colors, you will receive a joy box at Ji Tong. So you can get a maximum of 8 boxes if you use the event every day.

The rewards are:

  • In each box there are guaranteed 60 veterans
  • In addition, one of the following rewards: 12 A Hero's Wisdom, 24 Mystical Reinforcement Ore or 120,000 Mora

A lucrative deal for simply photographing up to 10 objects, isn't it? Are you going to use the event or do you find it rather uninteresting?

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