Genshin Impact, version 1.3 is coming: our update guide

 A few days before update 1.3, Genshin Impact update notes are finally available! Today we take stock of all that it brings, as part of our complete Genshin Impact walkthrough.

This update of Genshin Impact is at first glance rather filling. A new character, Xiao and a lot of events have been announced, as well as various and varied rewards, like a free 4 star character and Doomstones to summon. Here is the list of expected changes, which arrive on February 3rd. We will tell you about the events and Xiao in our Genshin Impact guide as soon as they are released. Good reading !

Genshin Impact, version 1.3 is coming: our update guide


Xiao Guardian Yaksha (Anemo) 5 ★

  • Divine eye: Anemo
  • Weapon: Polearm

  • One of Liyue's Adepts, also known as “Demon Tamer” and “Yaksha General”. Xiao's elemental skill "Cycle of Lemniscatic Wind" allows him to charge in a straight line and inflict DGT on enemies in his path. It can be triggered in the air. He wears the Mask of the Yaksha during his "Scourge of Evil" elemental outburst which consumes his health continuously in exchange for certain bonuses: increased DGT inflicted, conversion of attack DGT to DGT Anemo, and considerable improvement in jump ability.

During the “Glittering Invitation” greeting events available after the version 1.3 update through 2021/02/17 15:59:59, the drop rates for the following exclusive 5 ★ character: Xiao · Guardian Yaksha (Anemo ) and the following 4 ★ characters: Diona · Cat Tail Cocktail (Cryo), Beidou · Crownless Sea Queen (Electro) and Xinyan · Burning Melody (Pyro) will be greatly increased!


Keqing Burning Thunder (Electro) 5 ★

  • Divine eye: Electro
  • Weapon: One-handed sword

  • Alioth, one of the Seven Stars of Liyue. Alioth slavishly criticizes the idea that Liyue is following the word of the Lord of the Rock to the letter; but the latter just appreciates this kind of people.

During the “Dance of the Lanterns” vows events available from 02/21/17 6:00:00 PM to 03/21/02 3:59:59 PM, the following 5 ★ character drop rates: Keqing · Ardor of Thunder (Electro) and the following 4 ★ characters: Ningguang · Eclipse Megrez (Geo), Bennett · Bad Prince (Pyro) and Barbara · Song Star (Hydro) will be greatly increased!

More character event greetings await you soon in version 1.3, so be patient!


◇ New Weapons: Primal Jade Cutter (One-Handed Sword) 5 ★, Staff of Homa (Polearm) 5 ★, Millelith Spear (Polearm) 4 ★ and Ancient Millelith Sword (Two-Handed Sword) ) 4 ★.

◆ During the “Divine Incarnation” vows events available after the version 1.3 update until 2021/02/23 15:59:59, the following exclusive 5 ★ weapon drop rates: Jade Cutter primordial (One-handed sword) and the following 5 ★ weapon: Winged jade spear (Polearm) will be greatly increased!
  • The Staff of Homa (Polearm), Spear of Milleliths (Polearm), and Ancient Sword of Milleliths (Two-handed Sword) will be available in future wish events.


Lantern Festival Theme Event: Get a 4 ★ Liyue character of your choice by participating!

◆ Duration: from 2021/02/10 10:00:00 to 2021/02/28 03:59:59

◆ Rules: You will not need to use Original Resin to participate in the event. You can get Liyue's 4 ★ character of your choice in "By Your Side". Also complete the various Mechanical Theater challenges to get Talismans of Peace which you can redeem for many rewards at the Lantern Market, such as Crown of Wisdom, the “Celebration - Lanterns” theme and many more.

〓Lights on the horizon〓

Duration: The origin of the lanterns: from 2021/02/10 10:00:00 to 2021/02/28 03:59:59 Shadow under the light: from 2021/02/14 04:00:00 to 2021 / 02/28 03:59:59 Lanterns on the sea: from 2021/02/18 04:00:00 to 2021/02/28 03:59:59

〓Anecdotes of the festival〓

Unlock conditions: Anecdotes of the festival I: have completed the quest "The origin of the lanterns". Anecdotes of the festival II: having reached Lv. of Festive Fever "General Gathering", have completed the quest "Shadows Under the Light", and have completed all "Festival Anecdotes I" Requests. Anecdotes from festival III: having reached Lv. festival fever "Ocean of Lanterns", have completed the quest "Lanterns on the Sea", and have completed all "Festival Trivia II" Requests ● Complete the "Festival Trivia" quests to earn bonus gems and raise the festive fever. Festive fever allows you to progress in the Lantern Festival. ※ After the event ends, on 02/21/28 03:59:59, it will no longer be possible to complete Requests.

〓Mechanical theater〓

Unlock conditions: Completed the quests “The Origin of the Lanterns” and “Mechanical Theater in Liyue” ● Participation in the Mechanical Theater costs 1 Sky Lantern (whether or not you successfully complete the challenge). You can craft Sky Lanterns at the Synthesis Table. You will get the necessary materials by collecting plants and ore, and from defeated enemies. ● As you level up the Festive Fever level, you'll unlock new boards, new mechanics, mechanic upgrades, and higher difficulties. ● You will also unlock new Mechanical Theater challenges. Complete these challenges to get Peace Talismans. ● You will only be able to complete Mechanical Theater challenges in single player or 2 player multiplayer.

〓Lantern market〓

Duration: Market Level 1: from 2021/02/10 10:00:00 to 2021/03/07 03:59:59 Market Level 2: from 2021/02/14 04:00:00 to 2021/03 / 07 03:59:59 Market Lv.3: from 2021/02/18 04:00:00 to 2021/03/07 03:59:59 ● Exchange your Peace Talismans at the Lantern Market for various items such as Lessons of Hero, Mystic Reinforcement Ore, Character Upgrade Materials, Skill Upgrade Materials, Crown of Wisdom, and the new "Celebration - Lanterns" theme.

〓By your side〓

Duration: from 2021/02/10 10:00:00 to 2021/03/07 03:59:59 ● Reach the Lv. Festival Fever "Ocean of Lanterns" and spend 1000 Peace Talismans in the "By Your Side" activity to obtain one of the following 4 ★ characters: Xiangling · People's Cordon Bleu (Pyro), Xinyan · Burning Melody ( Pyro), Beidou · Crownless Queen of the Seas (Electro), Ningguang · Eclipse Megrez (Geo), Xingqiu · Young Gallant (Hydro) or Chongyun · Body of Ice and Heart of Fire (Cryo). You can only get one character this way.

Honorable Wealth Login Bonus: Log in to the game for 7 days to get 10 Doom Stones. ◆ Duration: 02/21/11 04:00:00 to 02/21/26 03:59:59 ◆ Receive 10 Doom Stones by logging in daily for seven days!

Connection dayAwards
Day 1Stone of Fatality × 1
Day 280,000 Moras
Day 3Stone of Fatality x2
Day 418 Mystic Reinforcement Minerals
Day 5Stone of Fatality x2
Day 68 Lessons from the hero
Day 7Stone of Fatality x5

〓The colors of fortune〓

◆ Duration: 2021/02/03 04:00:00 to 2021/02/10 03:59:59

◆ During the event, you can get a Strange Daguerreotype from Jitong. Equip it through the Gadgets category of your inventory to take special photos and obtain Fortune Chests that contain First Gems, Hero's Lessons, Mystic Boost Minerals, and other rewards!


1. New story quests

Xiao's story quest "Alatus Nemeseos" will be available after the version 1.3 update.

◆ More story quests await you soon.

2. New World Quests

◆ 26 new Lantern Festival-related world quests will be available during the festivities. You will be able to accept them from the “Festival Anecdotes” event page.

◆ Another new world quest will also be available: “Dainsleif, the Keeper of the Twig”.


• Gameplay

1. New monsters: Geosaur and Ancient Geosaur.

2. New gadgets: Parametric Transformer: Allows you to transform upgrade materials into character EXP materials, character upgrade materials or weapon elevation materials, etc.

3. New successes: "Nucleotransmutation"

4. New consumable: Azoth powder. It allows you to change the elemental type of character elevation materials.

5. New recipes: Full moon eggs, vegetarian abalone and Port de Pierre delicacies.

• Systems

1. Addition of the new “Bestiary” category in the Archives: it will include information on all the monsters you have defeated, as well as the animals you have seen or caught. You will also be able to see the number of times you have defeated each monster and the tutorials for them.

2. New Synthesis Table Converting Feature: Using Azoth Powder allows you to change the elemental type of character elevation materials at the Synthesis Table.

3. Added Achievement Overview and Character Showcase on player profiles.

4. Apple devices running iOS 14 or higher will support the use of the following controllers to play the game: Xbox Wireless Controller (Bluetooth), Xbox Elite Wireless Controller (2nd Generation), PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller and some MFi (Made for iOS) certified Bluetooth controllers.

5. New feature to quickly add reinforcement materials by keeping the material selected in the weapon reinforcement interface.

6. New quick delete feature in messaging. Unread messages or with unrecovered attachments cannot be deleted.

7. New photography method added on PS4 which allows taking a photo and saving it to the console memory in one tap.


• Characters

1. Zhongli · Wanderer of the mortal world (Geo)

1) Adjusted the effects of the long press on the skill "Dominus Lapidis"

◇ Original effects:

Zhongli detonates the Geo element in the surrounding area, causing the following effects:

· A jade shield capable of absorbing an amount of DGT proportional to Zhongli's max HP is generated, 250% effective against Geo DGT;

· Inflicts Geo Zone DGT;

· Absorbs the Geo element from nearby targets affected by the Geo element (up to 2 targets max). This effect does not inflict DGT.

◆ Effects after adjustment:

Zhongli detonates the Geo element in the surrounding area, causing the following effects:

· A Rocky Ridge is created if the maximum number of Rocky Ridge on the ground is not reached;

· A jade shield capable of absorbing an amount of DGT proportional to Zhongli's max HP is generated, 150% effective against elemental and physical DGT;

· When a jade shield protects a character, the elemental and physical RES of nearby enemies are reduced by 20%. This effect cannot be stacked.

· Inflicts Geo Zone DGT;

· Absorbs the Geo element from nearby targets affected by the Geo element (up to 2 targets max). This effect does not inflict DGT.

2) Adjusted the effects of the Ability "Dominate Earth"

◇ Original effects:

Meteor Fall inflicts a bonus to DGT equal to 33% of Zhongli's Max HP.

◆ Effects after adjustment:

Increases the DGT inflicted by Zhongli's attacks listed below based on his max HP:

· Increased DGT of normal, charged and descending attacks: 1.39% of max health;

· Increase in ridge DGT, resonance DGT and long support DGT of “Dominus Lapidis”: 1.9% of max HP;

· “Meteor Fall” DGT increase: 33% of max HP.

2. Optimized Mona's "Vicissitude" ability: When hit by the enemy, Mona can use her ability faster, like other characters when they sprint.

3. Added a new rest animation for Kaeya.

4. Optimized Zhongli animation in the "Weapon" section of the character screen.

5. Fixed issues with aiming mode for bow-wielding characters when obstacles are nearby (character shaking, slightly deflected shots, etc.)

6. Improved accuracy when firing at a moving target.

7. Fixed issue with some characters shaking movement / clothing when walking, attacking, casting skills and sitting down.

• Monsters

1. Adjusted Dendroblob combat mechanics: When a Dendroblob is hiding relatively far from your position, combat mode will not be engaged.

• Systems

1. Spiral depths:

Updated the monster formation on the 12th floor of Spiraling Depths.

The energy anomalies of the 12th floor have been corrected as follows:

• The flow of the energy lines is normal on this floor.

• No energy anomaly.

The three phases of Blessing of the Abyss Moon will be as follows from their first refresh in version 1.3: First phase:

The deployed character's ATK increases by 20% and attack SPEED by 15% when his health is below 70%.

The deployed character's CRIT rate increases by 20% and CRIT DGT by 40% when their HP is below 35% and protected by a shield.

Second phase:

An energy charge is generated every 10 s; up to 3 charges can be accumulated. When the deployed character's HP is below 50% and their normal attack hits the enemy, a charge is consumed to create an area of ​​unstable energy around the hit enemy, which explodes after one second. An energy zone can be generated every 2 s.

Third phase:

When the deployed character's HP is below 50%, enemies hit by their normal and charged attacks take an additional 2% DGT for 10 sec. This effect can be stacked up to 10 times, and the duration and number of stacks depends on the team character. Resetting the duration or stacks of the effect has a 50% chance to unleash an energy blast, which can be triggered once every 10 seconds or less.

2. The deleted chats will no longer appear in the list of chats.

3. Optimization of the display order of the chat windows: After entering the team configuration in multiplayer mode, the chat window will automatically switch to the team window.

4. Optimization of the display hierarchy when multiple icons overlap on the map.

5. Optimization of the transparency of the UI in aim mode in the Spiral Depths.

6. Optimized use of the Daguerreotype on PS4. It will be possible to take a photo without being bothered by the UI and save it.

7. From version 1.3, it will be possible to obtain Fragile Resins as a reward thanks to the Battle Pass:

Starting with Lv.5 of the “Vagabond” Battle Pass and “Gnostic” Battle Pass, you will be able to get Fragile Resin every 10 levels instead of the Mystic Reinforcement Ore that you can get in the BP of the current version. . However, the Mystic Reinforcement Ore that you no longer get at these levels will not be wasted: it will be added to rewards from other PB levels.

8. Canceling the “Delete” button of the “Pocket Teleporter” gadget in the world map interface.

9. Adjusted the size of the glider in the skin interface for some characters.

10. Improved the refresh rate when switching between tabs in the trading portion of the store while using a controller.

11. Optimization of the feeling when you move the cursor in aim mode with low frame rate.

• Audio

1. Voice optimization:

a) Added a reverb effect during an internal monologue in quests.

b) Character's inactivity aftershocks can now be interrupted by combat lines.

2. Changed Amber's Chinese voice actor from version 1.4.

3. Added Chinese voices for some characters.

4. Added Japanese voices for some characters.

5. Adjusted audio effects for some voices on mobile and PC.

• Others

1. Adjustments to "Unmovable Rock" (Geo resonance)

◇ Original effects

Increases resistance to interruption. While protected by a shield, their inflicted DGT increases by 15%.

◆ Effects after adjustment:

Increases shield strength by 15%. In addition, when a character is under the protection of the shield, the following effects apply: the DGT inflicted by the character increases by 15%; The enemy's Geo RES decreases by 20% for 15 sec when taking DGT from the character.

2. Geo shield adjustments

The Geo shield which was “250% effective against Geo DGT” is now “150% effective against elemental and physical DGT”.

The following items are affected by this adjustment:

• The Geo shield generated by Zhongli's elemental skill;

• The Geo shield generated by NoĆ«lle's elemental skill;

• The Geo shield generated by picking up a Geo Fragment left by a Young Geosaur.

3. Modification of the permanent vows tab "Want to travel" (Only the tab has been modified. The content and rules of vows are the same.)

4. Optimized the source description for Misty Grass Pollen, Misty Grass, and Misty Grass Strands.

5. Adjusted the description of Fragile Bone Fragments, Solid Bone Fragments, Fossilized Bone Fragments and their sources.

6. Added a description to explain how elemental orbs appear during the "Trying is Adopting" event (event mechanics have not been changed).

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