God of War on PS5 at 4K / 60fps; update today

 God of War will receive an update that will allow the game to run on PS5 at 4K and 60fps. The patch will be out today.

God of War on PS5 at 4K / 60fps; update today

God of War is receiving an update that adds expanded support for PlayStation 5. Sony Santa Monica has announced that owners of a new Sony console will be able to enjoy gaming at 60 frames per second and maximum 4K resolution using a checkerboard rendering technique (a graphical rendering technique where the image consists of half of the target number of pixels, arranged on a checkerboard screen).

The update will automatically replace the two graphics modes currently available on the PS5 (choosing between better graphics at 30fps or targeting 60fps at lower resolution). However, if for some reason you want to revert to the previous settings, the option to enable those available on the PS4 Pro. All this will be available in the game menu.

God of War debuted in April 2018, receiving numerous nominations and awards, including the most important one at The Game Awards. Sony can also be pleased with the commercial success of this game. More than 10 million copies were sold in 2019.

Also remember that this year God of War: Ragnarok is coming to PS5.

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