Google Stadia will no longer create its own games

 Google has closed its two studios in Montreal and Los Angeles. Stadia will continue to stream games from other publishers, but the company will no longer create its own games beyond those that are nearing completion.

Google Stadia will no longer create its own games

On the Google blog, there was a post from Phil Harrison, vice president and general manager in charge of the video games division and the Google Stadia project . As we can read in it, due to rising costs, the company decided not to invest in the further development of the Stadia Games and Entertainment division. This means that Google will not be releasing exclusive games for its platform other than those that are close to completion. In addition, the tech giant has closed its two studios in Montreal and Los Angeles. They employed 150 employees, but most were promised new jobs in the company. Regardless, Harrison has summed up Stadia's achievements and is optimistic about the future, but at the same time emphasizes that he will now focus on other goals.

When we launched Google Stadia, our goal was for you to play your favorite games wherever you want. The premiere of Cyberpunk 2077 on our platform was successful, and we were present on all possible devices, including those with iOS. […]. All of this suggests that Stadia is already operating on a large scale. This is the future of the industry and we will continue to invest in this project.In 2021, we will redouble our efforts to help developers and publishers use our platform so their products can go directly to players. [...] We believe this is the best path if we want to make Stadia a stable business that will help the industry grow.

It was previously assumed that Stadia would not only use third-party games, but also get its own original creations. The development team was led by Jade Raymond, producer responsible for the first installments of Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs. According to Harrison, she no longer works at Google.

The IT giant's inability to create its own big games is reminiscent of the situation faced by another industry leader, Amazon. In the words of one former employee quoted by Kotaku:

Google was a terrible place to develop games. Like Amazon, but with a smaller range.

Google's end as a game developer is not the same as the end of the Stadia service.

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