GSC Game World shared an interesting post on STALKER 2

 GSC Game World shared an interesting post on STALKER 2 on its social networks. In the post, you can see the connection with the new cipher on the cards, as well as a hint of the appearance of the Strelok in STALKER 2. At the end of Call of Pripyat, the Shooter becomes the chief scientific consultant at NIICHAZ - scientifically - Research Institute of the Chernobyl Anomalous Zone.

Quiet in the Zone after the ejection ... The

lucky ones, whom he bypassed, nervously take a breath and pray that the blind dog does not look in on a visit, while She again gathers strength. The release more than once became the reason for a forced truce and united stalkers of all stripes. It happened that the long-timers with svobodovtsy poisoned the spiritual stories behind one fire, and lonely with the bandits played cards of cards while the earth was shaking around. By the way, the bandits have some very strange cards.

They say that they are created right in the Zone, and with their help the "thieves" even transmit messages to the mainland. So what? It is not difficult to transfer pictures with swag: there is no danger, all sorts of passing people will not understand anything, and the military has enough of their own cards.

Although swag from the Zone, it is, of course, bad omen to endure. Now the cell towers near the ChEZ are overloaded, the military are rushing about. It's not all good. Well, nothing, he will get out of any trouble. He is OK...

GSC Game World shared an interesting post on STALKER 2

 STALKER 2 will be released exclusively on Xbox Series X | S and PC in 2021. For the new Xbox, the game will be a launch console exclusive and will be available with a Game Pass subscription on release day. Xbox Series X announced support for 4K Ultra HD and Ray Tracing technology. There will be no PS5 release.

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