GTA Online: how to give money to other players


GTA Online: how to give money to other players

Anyone who wants to give money to other players and friends in GTA Online has to do a little trickery. OkayGotcha shows you how it works in 2021.

What is it about? The world of GTA Online is based on making as much money as possible to buy expensive content such as luxury sports cars or real estate . But what if you are short of money yourself or want to help out friends and other players?

GTA players keep asking in public sessions how to give money to other players. Here we show you two methods in which you can do this indirectly in 2021.

So you give other players GTA dollars

Is there a function for it? More or less, yes. Unfortunately, you cannot just go to the ATM in GTA Online and transfer your money to other players. You can send money to fellow players from Jobs.

Method 1: give money to players after jobs

This is how it works: It is important that the two players play together in the same session. You can invite friends to your GTA Online session through the Social Club or simply join them through the Social Club.

Now you're playing jobs from GTA Online. These can be jobs in the freeroam, such as:

  • Drive the longest distance without causing an accident
  • Ride the longest distance with a wheelie
  • Get most of the checkpoints
  • Business battles from night clubs
  • Do the most damage
  • Etc.

But races, missions and raids are also included.

Have you done the job, you open the interaction menu, select "Inventory" and then "Cash". Now you have the opportunity to share some of the money you earned in your last job with other players.

Method 2: Giving players money through heists

This is how it works: You can give more money to other players through Heists than through the jobs in the freeroam. However, this is not money that previously belonged to you, but an income.

  • You choose a heist that you want to play
  • Invite the player with money problems
  • Set the money distribution on the planning board so that the friendly player receives as much% of the yield as possible
  • Successfully complete the heist

After the heist, all players are immediately paid the share that they agreed on on the planning board.

Earn quick money - even with new players

Where is there a lot of money? There are many ways to make money in the world of Los Santos. You can raid the small shops or gas stations on the map to quickly earn a few thousand GTA dollars.

However, there is even more money for treasure hunts. You look for certain parts that are hidden on the map and pocket money for every part you find. In addition, you will receive significantly more GTA dollars for solving the treasure hunt completely.

Don't you like to rely on the help of other players and want to earn a lot of money solo? No problem. You have several opportunities to get rich in Los Santos. As the leader of a motorcycle club or as the CEO of your own company.

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