GTA Online: what are JP and what do they bring you?

GTA Online: what are JP and what do they bring you?

 In GTA Online , players can collect JP. But what is it anyway and what do JP bring? OkayGotcha explains to you what it is all about.

What are JP? JP stands for "Job Points". You get these points if you do jobs in a playlist session in GTA Online. Whether you complete a death match, a race or any other activity, at the end of such a round you will receive a certain amount of job points.

How many points you get depends on your performance. So if you finished in first place at the end of a race, or if you decided on a death match, you get more points.

What is a playlist? In a playlist you suffer a certain list of jobs in a row. That could be five stunt races, eight time trials, and so on. Playlists can be created by the players themselves, or consist of random jobs.

JP show how good you are on a playlist

What are job points for? First and foremost, job scores simply show how good you are at a playlist session. For example, in a race and deathmatch this means:

  • 1st place: 15 points
  • 2nd place: 12 points
  • 3rd place: 10 points
  • 4th place: 8 points
  • 5th place: 7 points
  • 6th place: 6 points

On a mission, all players receive 15 points if it is successfully completed. For example, if you do the main task in a heist (these are the big raids), you get 16 points, so one extra point.

If there is a tie after the end of a job when voting on the next job, the vote of the player with the most job points decides.

This is what playlists look like on the official site.

Is there a reward? Whoever has the most JP at the end of a playlist wins the entire round. But there is no extra reward for this. Job points should simply show who was the "best" player over several jobs.

There are playlists for almost every one of the numerous jobs, so you can adjust to your own preferences.

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