Heartwood in Valheim: You can get it here and use it

 For some tools and weapons in Valheim you will need “Core Wood” early in the game. In the OkayGotcha-Guide you can find out where you can find it, collect it and what it is used for.

What is heartwood? Heartwood is a special type of wood in the survival game Valheim and is used as a material for better objects than those made of normal wood. Accordingly, it is also harder to find.

The sturdy wood is suitable for the construction of wooden huts and is used to reinforce existing structures. It is also used in the crafting of tools and weapons.

Find and mine heartwood

Where can I find heartwood? Heartwood can be found in the Dark Forest Biome. This is usually located near the grassland. If you cut pines and cut the trunks, you get heartwood and normal wood. 

Find and mine heartwood

In addition to pines, other tree species such as firs can be found in the dark forest, but they do not contain heartwood. Look at the treetops when looking for pine trees. Pines are bigger than firs and with your head held high you can find your target tree much faster. 

This is how your jaws fall: All you need to felling pines is a stone ax. However, it is better and faster with a flint ax or even a bronze ax. We recommend the bronze ax, as it is much more effective at making jaws fall.

Heartwood Recipes - Tools, Weapons and Components

What do I need heartwood for? Heartwood is needed for one of the most impressive weapons in Valheim: the deer smasher. After the first boss fight with Eikthyr you can build this huge club to bludgeon your opponents to death .

To make it you will need:

  • 20 x heartwood
  • 5 x deer trophy
  • 2 x leather snippets

Those who prefer to kill their opponents from a distance can use the fine wood bow. Compared to the regular bow, this one has a higher durability and causes more damage. In addition, you aim much more precisely, the trajectory is almost straight. To make it you will need:

  • 10 x fine wood
  • 10 x heartwood
  • 2 x deer skin

Heartwood is also needed if you want to make an iron pickaxe. This is much more durable and effective than the antler pickaxe. To make them you will need:

  • 20 x iron ingot
  • 3 x heartwood

If you have too much heartwood, you can convert it into coal. It is important that you do not have any other type of wood in your inventory, because the coal kiln automatically processes the wood of the lowest quality.

You can build this with heartwood: As soon as you collect heartwood for the first time, you will receive new structures to build. You will then be able to build a 4 m wooden post and 4 m round wooden beam. Both are also available in a 2m version.

The components are used to reinforce your house. Alternatively, you can use the heartwood structures to build a wooden hut.

A stylish log cabin can be built with heartwood. Provided you've gathered enough heartwood.

Reinforcing structures is particularly important as soon as you want to reach a large longhouse or warehouse. For large construction projects, you should therefore rely on heartwood as a building material from the start. In the later course of the game, heartwood structures also round off stone buildings very well and provide a visual highlight.

There are a lot of visual highlights in Valheim, especially when Thor flies through the clouds with his chariot during a thunderstorm. 

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