Hitman 3 easter eggs: talking hippopotamus, alien kidnapping ... crazy winks to find

Hitman 3 easter eggs: talking hippopotamus, alien kidnapping ... crazy winks to find

 Agent 47 is not alone in Hitman 3. The stealth game is full of wacky easter-eggs and pop culture references.


Available since Friday on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series , PC , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch , Hitman 3 contains a myriad of pop culture references, scattered and hidden in the form of Easter Eggs, compiled in a video proposed by the hunters of Easter Eggs.

Small selection of WTF easter eggs to find in Hitman 3, among others:

  • In the Dubai - Top of the World mission , if you see several posters with messages written in binary, the first one says “Help me, I'm stuck in a cardboard box!”, And the second says “This doesn't. is just a test, don't read it, you're just going to waste your time. " A little later, as you walk into a room, you can see a reference to the movie Die Hard, with a post-it saying "Welcome to the party, man."
  • Also in Dubai, certain combinations of numbers typed on the digital lock trigger small reactions: 47, 666, 420 ...
  • In the Berlin - Perched Predator level , you can spawn a talking hippo from a pond by using a golden statuette on the well-worn armchair that is right next to it.
  • A radio broadcasts a message about the coronavirus and even talks about new waves, and containment.
  • In Mendoza , you can come across a full duplex television crew, if you pass between the two characters, you can hear the journalist railing against you, and even insult you if you multiply the passages.
  • Further in the same level, going up a staircase, you can see written "No acceptance except on party business", a reference to Lord of the Rings .

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