Hitman 3: how to fix the escape bug in Farewell

 In Hitman 3's penultimate mission, Farewell, there is a bug that prevents us from using one of the escape routes. We tell you how to solve it in order to finish the mission and complete a challenge.

Hitman 3: how to fix the escape bug in Farewell

Although in the history of Hitman 3 we will not find too many serious bugs , there is one quite annoying. We talk about the bug of the flight from La farewell , in Mendoza, Argentina. This is a bug that prevents us from finishing the mission the first time , when we only have one escape route.

What is the bug and how to fix it

This bug occurs on numerous occasions , but not in all possible scenarios. In your first game, it will be mandatory to end up interacting with "her" (you know who we are talking about) on a dance floor . The problem is that, for some reason, unless you follow very specific steps, you will not be able to interact with it . The culprit is the bodyguard that you will see behind her. The problem? If you eliminate both targets, Diana automatically appears on the escape route with the bodyguard , with no option to steal him out of the way.

What you must do to avoid this bug is the following:

  • Go ahead in The visit until you have to deliver the grapes to the master winemaker, but don't .
  • Now you are going to advance in Overflow , but do not sabotage the bomb (the cable does).
  • He continues with The visit , but in a very specific way: eliminate Teresa with the freezer, knock out the winemaker and hide him (we did it behind the barrels in front of the freezer).
  • You have to be aware of your partner , you will see that she comes out through the front door and the guy in the suit follows her .
  • Hide behind the small fence of tall grass, and toss a coin for the bodyguard to come in to see what that was.
Hitman 3: how to fix the escape bug in Farewell

  • When he's inside, you must throw a non-lethal object at him to knock him out and hide him at the same time.
  • If you try to knock him out melee , they will discover you. It is also possible that they will see you KO him when you throw the object, in that case you must try to make the coin fall at a point where the worker on your left will not see it.
  • With this everything is ready , you can finish Overflow and go to the dance floor to complete the Last Tango challenge.

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