How Super Mario's pipes work in Animal Crossing New Horizons


How Super Mario's pipes work in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons will introduce objects from the world of Super Mario Bros. in its next update, including pipes that allow us to teleport around the island. This is all we know about them at the moment.

The last Nintendo Direct of this week, on February 17, 2021, left us big announcements like Zelda Skyward Sword HD, Mario Golf or Splatoon 3 for 2022 . But there was also time to talk about the next update of Animal Crossing New Horizons , which, as said long ago, would be starring elements from the world of Super Mario.

The update will occur on February 25 , although Mario items will not be available for purchase until March 1 . We can buy them with berries from the TeleNook catalog, in a section of promotional items.

How Super Mario's pipes work in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Perhaps the most interesting object of the update is the pipes, which allow us to teleport between two points on the island. Although not many details about its operation were given in the Nintendo Direct fragment, the Nintendo website in Japan has left us more information.

To work, you simply have to place two pipes at points on the island. We get into one, and we come out the other side. The interesting thing is that we can place more than two pipes on the same island. How many? We do not know, what they do indicate is that if there are more than two pipes, the game randomly decides which one you go into.

How Super Mario's pipes work in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Another very interesting detail is that they can be placed inside the player's house .

The truth is that this function can be very useful to connect points far from the island, and it will save us many unnecessary walks. For example, if we are collecting materials or buying things in stores, and we want to leave it at home but we are too lazy to go, simply place one pipe next to the store and the other in the living room . In a matter of seconds you will go from one place to another!

In addition, they can be used even when there are other players in multiplayer. If you've opened the town for other people to sell the turnips and you don't want your house to gossip, you might want to block the way to the pipeline with fences...

How Super Mario's pipes work in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Of course, the update will also bring many objects from the world of Super Mario: Mario, Luigi, Peach or Wario costumes, coins, mushrooms, pennants, rugs ... It will be like taking Mario Maker to Animal Crossing!

So far, up to 33 items have been seen in the catalog, the cheapest costing 350 berries (the coin) and the most expensive 12,000 berries (the Peach crown) . We don't know yet, but judging by the trailer, they can be purchased indefinitely, they will not be limited to a date like other objects.

Speaking of temporary items, new temporary items based on three royal festivals were also revealed:

Doll Festival (from February 25 to March 3)

Day  π (number Pi, 3.14, from March 1 to 14)

San Patricio (March 10-17)

Finally, from February 25 when the update is released, you will receive this Super Mario Bros. wallpaper in the mail.

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