How to build a stone house and fortifications in Valheim


How to build a stone house and fortifications in Valheim

Helpful guide to constructing stone buildings and fortifications to defend against monsters

Every Valheim player knows that in the camp you need to have good fortifications and strong walls in order to fend off the attacks of various monsters. In addition to the usual enemies, which can cause inconvenience during your stay in the camp, once every few days other enemies will attack your camp. The list of monsters varies depending on where your camp is located.

Basically, the vast majority of players try to be based in meadows. The following monsters attack in this location:

  • Skeletons;
  • Surtlings;
  • Trolls;
  • Greydwarfs.

To quickly fend off the attack of monsters, you need to build a strong house and various fortifications. In this guide, we'll show you how to make a stone building and place your safety stakes correctly.

How to build a stone house in Valheim

Initially, all players can build buildings from wood, but as you explore the game world, you will unlock new devices that allow you to build houses from stone. To do this, you need to get iron , smelt it in a smelter and build a stone cutter . Place this device next to a crafting stand so you can build stone walls and fortifications .

Stones for building a house can be obtained almost everywhere: in meadows, in the Black Forest, on the plains and in other biomes of the Valheim game. For quick extraction of stones, use any pickaxe.

We build a pit

Before you start building a building, you need to build an improved pickaxe . With this tool, you can gouge out the ground to the desired level to build a kind of pit. Ideally, use an iron pickaxe, but a bronze pickaxe will work as well.

Place stone blocks around the perimeter as your building will look like. We are going to build a corner stone house where we will place all the items needed for the base camp.

Building a basement

Please note that the building is best placed on an elevated position. In this case, you will be able to build a large basement where the necessary equipment for remelting metals can fit, as well as a forge. In our case, a deep tunnel led to the fact that we got to the water. In this regard, the basement is not so spacious. If you encounter the same problem, you can solve it in another way. You should increase the number of blocks to raise the structure, only then build a stone floor.

We put walls and a stone floor

There should be no problems during the construction of the walls, but the construction of the floor can be much more difficult. The fact is that stone slabs are very heavy. Based on the physics of the game, then you cannot put more than one slab on weight, so that it is not tied to any wall or does not lie on other stone blocks.

To solve this problem, place stone pillars around the entire perimeter of the basement, then install a stone floor on the first floor. When done, return to the basement and get rid of some of the pillars. It is worth noting that the destruction of all the pillars will lead to the complete destruction of the floor above the basement. Therefore, you will have to leave a few main pillars as support for the floor.

Is it possible to build a second floor?

Can. But whether a second floor is needed - everyone will decide for himself. Do not forget that a very tall building may end up without a roof. This is due to the game mechanics: the game has a certain height, after which all built slabs, beams and other materials will simply collapse.

We build a roof

If you are building a building in the form of a regular square, then you should not have problems with laying the roof. We built a corner building and ran into a small problem. The game simply lacks effective mechanics for building a pyramid-shaped roof. Of course, if you include imagination, then you can solve any problem, and especially in a game with crafting elements.

How to defend against monster attacks in Valheim

If you have built a house on a hill, then for the defense of your camp, we recommend building a barrier of sharp stakes. First, you need to fence your camp with a palisade. Yes, it can take quite a long time, but this way you will definitely be protected from any outside threat.

A fence made of sharp stakes should be placed around the perimeter of the camp, in front of the palisade. Such an obstacle inflicts great damage upon contact with the enemy, but at the same time it is destroyed after a few hits. This will allow you to passively deal with the main part of your enemies who will try to infiltrate the camp. To create sharp stakes, you will need to craft a bronze or metal ax and chop down a dozen pine or oak trees.

Before placing the stakes, you need to understand that after the destruction they do not drop the resources spent on the installation (even if you yourself destroyed the stakes with a hammer). Therefore, install them only in the really necessary places, and after the next attack, be sure to repair them with a hammer.

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