How to complete Run and Shoot in COD Mobile. How to get GKS - Kitsune


How to complete Run and Shoot in COD Mobile. How to get GKS - Kitsune

In the new update Call of Duty: Mobile developers have added several new seasonal challenges, for the completion of which there are various rewards. In this guide, we'll take a closer look at all of the prerequisites to successfully complete the Seasonal Run and Fire Mission.

How to complete the Run and Shoot challenge

To get the "Kitsune" skin for the GKS submachine gun, you need to complete 6 tasks, for each of which the player will receive not only experience, but also various cosmetic rewards.

We remind you that the seasonal event will end on March 10 at 03:00 Moscow time, so at the end of the first season of Call of Duty: Mobile, all outstanding challenges will be closed.

First task

Description: Kill 5 enemies in Battle Royale with a submachine gun.

Reward: Hyperspace camouflage for the Medic and 1000 Battle Pass XP.

To complete the task, we land on the map and go in search of any submachine guns. We use the found weapons to destroy five enemies and get a well-deserved reward at the end of the battle.

Second task

Description: Kill 20 opponents in any multiplayer multiplayer matches using a submachine gun with the Sand camouflage set.

Reward: Super Light Speed ​​skin for the .50 GS pistol and 2000 Battle Pass XP.

Open the kit and move on to choosing the weapon to use. Install any submachine gun and move to the camouflage section. Apply any open skin in the "Sand" section and go to the battlefields to destroy 20 enemies.

Third task

Description: Win 3 battles in multiplayer multiplayer modes using any submachine gun with an amulet and two stickers installed.

Reward: Space Surge camouflage for the backpack and 3000 Battle Pass XP.

Open the kit again and select the desired submachine gun. We use the "Customize" button and install one amulet and two stickers on the weapon. We go to multiplayer matches and win three times. It is recommended to use pre-prepared weapons and not pick up others during the battle. Also, don't change kits during a match.

Fourth task

Description: Upgrade the MSMC Submachine Gun with the recommended consumables.

Reward: 15 Weapon XP Cards and 4000 Battle Pass XP.

Open the kit and select the MSMC submachine gun. Use the "Gunsmith" key and click on the yellow light bulb. In the section "Recommended systems" go to the section "Stability and reliability". Press the select button to install the modules into the weapon. All five modules must first be open.

Fifth task

Description: Win 5 multiplayer battles in multiplayer matches using any submachine gun and the Lightweight, Fortitude, and Radical perks.

Reward: Superlight Speed ​​Skin for KN-44 and 5000 Battle Pass XP.

Go to the kit and install the necessary perks one by one:

  • "Lightweight" is in the left slot with red perks;
  • "Fortitude" is located in the central cell with green perks;
  • "Radical" is found in the right slot with blue perks.
We go to multiplayer matches and win five times to receive a reward.

Sixth task

Description: Win one battle royale as a team with friends using any submachine gun.

Reward: "Kitsune" skin for GKS and 6000 Battle Pass XP.

We go to the battlefield with a friend and win the royal battle. At the end of the match, the player will receive the coveted epic skin "Kitsune".

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