How to create a room and assign roles in the Clubhouse. How to become a good moderator


How to create a room and assign roles in the Clubhouse. How to become a good moderator

Clubhouse is a new social network that is breaking all popularity records all over the world right now. You can communicate only by voice in special rooms. In this guide, we will explain how to create a room and what roles the participants have in it.

You can create a Clubhouse room in two ways: scheduled or spontaneously.

How to schedule room creation

There are several advantages when planning a room:

  • You receive a link to an event that you can share.
  • The event will appear in the notification menu of your subscribers.
  • You can add a detailed description of the event.

To schedule a room, open the Clubhouse app and tap on the calendar icon at the top of the screen. On the next screen, tap on the calendar icon with the plus sign.

How to schedule room creation

How to schedule room creation

Then you will see the New Event screen where you can schedule your event.

How to schedule room creation

Do not forget to choose the day and time of the event. If you belong to a club, you also have the option to designate a club. Clubhouse gives you 200 characters to describe your event, so don't be lazy to write down in detail what you are going to talk about.

When you're done filling out the event details, click Publish in the upper right corner. Your scheduled event will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click Share if you want to share your event with other people. You can also tweet about it, copy the link, or add it to your calendar. The event can be edited or deleted at any time.

How to schedule room creation

To find your event, simply click on the calendar icon at the top of the screen and select the menu - "Upcoming for You". The My Events pop-up window will have everything scheduled.
When you're ready to start your event, go to the Clubhouse a few minutes before the start and click on "Start Room". After that, from the list of planned events, start the desired one.

How to schedule room creation

How to create a room spontaneously

In a spontaneous room, you lose some of the benefits of the planned event. You won't be able to copy the link, so you won't be able to share it or add a description.

To create a spontaneous room, tap "Start Room" from the main screen.

How to create a room spontaneously

You will be asked to choose from three types of rooms: open, social or closed. The open room is available to everyone on the platform, the social room is only for those you follow, and the closed room is only for those you invite.

How to create a room spontaneously

You also need to add a topic. The theme is exactly the same event name you use when planning your room, and is limited to 60 characters. Keep in mind that once you start, you won't be able to edit it.

A locked room can always be made public by clicking the Open It Up button at the bottom of the screen.

Whether you're starting a private, social, or open room, you can always tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen and find and add the people you want to invite.

When someone from the invited people enters the room, you will see a small notification at the top of the screen. Participants will automatically appear in the room menu and become observers. They have the opportunity to speak only after clicking on the raised hand icon and further adding by the moderator to the "stage".

How to be a room moderator

When you moderate a Clubhouse room, the first thing to do is set the rules. Introduce yourself, tell us about the theme of the room and its limitations. There are no pre-defined settings. Participants can interrupt each other, swear and say whatever they want. However, the moderator can remove the guilty person from the room, turn off each microphone, or even disable the ability to raise their hand. According to the unspoken rule, the speaker is not interrupted, although in some rooms there are time limits for which it is necessary to lay down your thought so that the turn goes to the next one.

A good moderator makes sure the conversation flows naturally.

How to "reset a room"

People will constantly come and go from your room. If you would like to know how many people are in a room right now, click on “All Rooms” at the top of the screen. In the lower left corner you will see your face as the room moderator, the face of the next person, plus a plus sign and a number.

How to "reset a room"

If you notice that this number continues to rise, it is wise to introduce yourself again and explain what is happening in the room - this is also known as “resetting the room”. Reset every 10 or 15 minutes depending on how many people enter the room.

How to add another moderator

Consider adding at least one more moderator to your room. If you need to leave for a phone call or are thrown out of the room due to bugs, and you are the only moderator, the room will close. You cannot recreate it. But if there is another moderator and you need to exit, the room can continue to work.

How to add another moderator

To add a moderator, click on the profile of the person on stage and select “Make a Moderator”. The participant's avatar will change immediately. A small green symbol will appear next to his name.

How to add another moderator

When you raise the level of people to moderators, you can determine who and by what principle will raise people to the "stage". Moderators have the same control as the room creator.

Appointing someone to be a moderator is prestigious enough. If you have been promoted to the role of moderator in a room that someone else opened, this does not mean that you should make all people speakers at once. Show respect and follow the pre-established rules.

How to control the "scene"

When you moderate a Clubhouse room, you decide how it works. People raise their hands for a variety of reasons. Some are present because the topic is very important to them and they have something to say. Someone, on the contrary, wants to get answers to their questions.

How to control the "scene"

If you see a message that someone has asked to speak in the room, you can invite them to the stage, close the message, or do nothing - in which case the message will disappear.

At the bottom of the screen, there is the number of people in the queue. Click on the raised hands icon to see who wants to speak. You can view the profile of each participant and decide who should be onstage first.

How to control the "scene"

Note that the microphone is not muted automatically. Many participants forget about this when they become speakers. Therefore, Clubhouse allows you to do it for them. Just click on their profile and click on the microphone icon to mute. The person will receive a notification that you have disabled them.

According to the unspoken rule, if a person wants to wedge himself into a dialogue, he turns on and off the microphone, blinking it. If other people on stage find the comment to be valuable, they quickly click on the microphone. This counts as a round of applause for the speaker.

Since the phone screen is limited to approximately 12 persons, it may occasionally be necessary to clear the stage and bring people back to the observer section to give other people a chance to speak. This limitation is not accidental. Even when the stage is full, you can still see who is playing or applauding. You don't have to constantly scroll up and down the screen.

How to control the "scene"

How to keep the conversation off topic

First of all, the moderator needs to control the dialogue. When there are many people on the "stage" at the same time, you can delegate the answer to the question to someone. As soon as the answer has been received, the questioner is returned to the “hall”. To do this, simply click on their profile and select “Move to Audience”.

If a conversation gets stuck and people start talking about a different topic, it's important to get the conversation back on track.

There may also be times when someone else takes over the control of the room. It can be either a designated moderator or just a person on stage. If this situation gets in the way of dialogue, you can deal with it in two ways.

If a person has a confetti icon in the lower left corner of the avatar, you can show favor and remind you of the rules of the room. Confetti means that you are a beginner who may not understand the rules.

If the intruder is already familiar with the arrangement of the rooms, it is best to politely interrupt him and return him to the observers. The key point to keep in mind is maintaining control of the room. If you don't, someone else will.

How to disable raising hands

As a moderator in a room, you get a notification if someone you follow enters the room. This will give you a unique opportunity to interact with the person.

Wait for the person of interest to raise his hand and invite him to the “stage”. If he chooses the button that says "Maybe later", continue the conversation further and do not wait.

How to disable raising hands

When a person with a large number of followers comes on stage, you can turn off the show of hands feature. Because every time someone raises their hand, you hear a notification sound, and a large number of them can greatly interfere with communication.

To turn off the Raise Hand function, simply tap the icon and move the slider to the off position. After that, everyone in the room will be notified that it is turned off. To turn it back on, simply tap the icon again.

How to close a room

One way to close a room is to click on the three small dots at the top, thank everyone for coming, and click on End Room.

Another way is to leave the room as the only moderator. After that, the room will be immediately closed.

If you appoint other moderators, the room will be active up to several days. Alternatively, you can return to the room you created. Since you started it, you will always be in the upper left corner and can regain control at any time. The main thing is that the room continues to exist in your absence.


Now let's talk about some ways to quickly grow a room.

See who is the observer. As a moderator, you can click on someone's profile and decide to invite that person to the “stage”. As soon as he connects to the conversation, his subscribers will receive a notification. This will attract a lot of people to the room and allow you to attract a new audience.

The best way to stay popular is to keep providing interesting and engaging information. People will constantly come and go from rooms, but they will stay if you can keep their interest.
Creating a simple Clubhouse room is the easiest part. Giving people amazing experiences is a little more difficult. I recommend that you go to other rooms with a large number of observers and watch the successful moderators lead the conversation. It's important to dive into the process and create a room with a theme that really interests you.

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