How to create a Ventrilo server

How to create a Ventrilo server


Introduction to servers in Ventrilo

Ventrilo is a VoIP software aimed at gamers due to its specific characteristics associated with the needs of demanding gamers, such as private user-user conversations both voice and text, or ghost users to only listen to other channels. One of the main advantages of Ventrilo is the possibility of having your own server and in this guide we will show you how to create a server for Ventrilo with different options.

Ventrilo is a VoIP client that connects to a server and this serves as a meeting point for all users who want to meet , by connecting to this same server we will be in the same room and we can chat with each other using Ventrilo's client software. If you want to know its characteristics of Ventrilo and those of other clients you can see them in this guide.

By having your own server you have full control over it , you can optimize, configure and manage it in your own way, also among several users we will see that it is very cheap to maintain an official Ventrilo server with a minimum monthly cost offering you unmatched features and the peace of mind of have a server free of overloads and with total control over it and the users.

Another option to have your own server and without having to pay anything for it, is to create your own server for Ventrilo on your PC , a somewhat outdated and unsupported option, but being very light and not consuming hardly any resources is very viable if we choose to mount a server with limited resources , with the premise that only a maximum of 8 simultaneous users can be compared to the maximum 400 that we can choose on an official server.

In any of the two ways, we tell you how to do it in a few simple steps.

How to set up an official Ventrilo Server

Ventrilo makes available to users the possibility of acquiring an official Ventrilo private server with up to 400 simultaneous users , in Spain we have two companies that market them, GameSpeak or VentriloServers that we can access directly from the Ventrilo website, to create a official server we will follow these steps.

  1. We go to the Rent tab of the Ventrilo website.
  2. Now we click on the company we want to hire the official Ventrilo server, VentriloServers or GameSpeak.

  • If we have chosen VentriloServer
  1. We click on the link to your website, we will see the option to create a custom subdomain with different subnames that we can choose from a dropdown. We click on Continue.
  2. Once you have verified that the server name is available, we now select Euros by clicking on Choose Currency and thus be able to see the total in Euros instead of dollars.
  3. We choose the number of voice slots we want, from 5 users to 400 simultaneous users . We have chosen 10 slots.
  4. Now we choose the location of the server.
  5. The next thing is to choose a name for the server , so we can recognize it in case of having several.
  6. The next thing is to choose the administrator password , remember to put a strong password and not forget it.
  7. The last step is to select the payment periodicity that we want for our server, we can pay every month, every 3 months, every 6 months, annually, biannual or triannual, in any payment method you can cancel at any time .
  8. Clicking on Checkout will take us to a summary and we will be able to finalize the payment using the discount coupons that you offer and click on Checkout again.
  9. It only remains to fill in our personal data for registration if we are not already registered and select the payment method, PayPal or credit card . It is advisable to use PayPal payment in these cases. Now we click on Complete Order and in a few minutes we will have our server ready.

  • If we have chosen GameSpeak
  1. We click on the Ventrilo Servers option above , as this company also offers TeamSpeak servers.
  2. Now we click on SingUp to see all the available options.
  3. Above we fill in our personal data.
  4. The next step is to select the type of server , as we have mentioned, this company has servers for Mumble and TeamSpeak , as well as servers for Ventrilo. We choose the 10-slot option and select the payment period that we have selected in this annual case, since it has a greater discount.
  5. Now we can see a summary of the total to pay and we can select the payment method, here they also offer us the possibility of paying with a credit card or PayPal .
  6. Finally we select the 3 boxes stating that we are over 16 years old and that we have read and accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy, then we click on process order.

With our official server created, it only remains to wait for the confirmation email and immediately start configuring and inviting friends to the server  to chat and play a few games at any game that we have got cheap and has multiplayer.

How to create your own server for Ventrilo on your PC

Although they are not exaggerated prices for our own private server, with Ventrilo we have the possibility of creating our own server on our home PC , either the one we use regularly or in another that we have destined to perform the server functions, the requirement is that it must have Windows installed since the program that acts as a server works under Windows.

Having your own server has its advantages, the main one is that you will not need to pay any amount of money in installments , since the software to turn your PC into a server for Ventrilo is free, let's see how to create your own server for Ventrilo in a few steps.

  1. Unfortunately the Ventrilo website has removed the installation file from the server, but you can download it here from our website , as we have located it for you.
  2. Now we will have to install the server software on our PC.
  3. Once the installation is complete, we go to start and execute the Edit INI file option . Now the server configuration file will open in Notepad.
  4. If we want, we can change some parameters to customize our server . For example, we can put the name and password of the Admin or to enter the server.
  5. Now we save the configuration file and we can run the server, a window will open with the current server configuration and we can connect, remember that the port used is 3784.

Now we only have to use our Ventrilo client in version 3.0 to connect to the server that we have created, up to a maximum of 8 simultaneous users.


Creating an official server for Ventrilo Pro (version 4.0) is very simple, we also have two companies that offer servers in Spain with a multitude of payment methods and different configurations , it is very simple and cheap to buy an official server among several friends, some of the options cost 3 euros per month for 10 users, which would be about 30 cents per month .

Creating your own server for Ventrilo (version 3.0) is just as simple, editing the configuration and connecting is a very easy process with shortcuts from the start menu. Unfortunately FlagShip Industries, which is the company behind Ventrilo, has put aside its server application without updates for several years , remaining in version 3.0 and with no option to download it from its website. A shame because the service is simple to install, quick to configure and lightweight without consuming hardly any resources .

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