How to easily defeat Dwalin (Storm Dread) in Genshin Impact


How to easily defeat Dwalin (Storm Dread) in Genshin Impact

The dragon known as Dvalin Stormterror is one of the first bosses in Genshin Impact . You will meet with him during the passage of the main storyline. We will tell you about how to defeat this dragon in this guide.

basic information

Dwalin is a dragon that wields air magic. You will meet him during the passage of the quest "Blue Shadow" (A Long Shot), which belongs to the quest chain "Song of Dragon Freedom" (Song of the Dragon and Freedom). Meeting Dwalin is only available after you reach adventure level 18. It is advisable to pump your hero to level 25-30. Later you can repeat the fight, but on a higher difficulty. The dragon spawns every Monday at 4 am local server time.

Preparing for battle

With standard tactics, the battle with the dragon will be protracted, so you should take a healer with you - Qiqi or Barbara.

An alternative is to cook as much food as possible, such as Sweet Madame or Chicken-Mushroom Skewer. The recipes for these dishes are available from the very beginning of the game. To cook them, you need poultry meat (Fowl), which can be obtained by killing chickens or by searching chests and barrels. Mushrooms and Sweet Flower are found in large numbers in grassy areas in the wild. Use Mondstadt Hash Brown in the later stages of the game. You can get their recipe for passing the Temple of the Wolf.

Location of the Temple of the Wolf of the North

For cooking, you need jam (Jam), which can be bought at the restaurant "Good Hunter" (Good Hunter), or made from a sunsetter (Sunsettia), berries (Berry) and sugar (Sugar); wild-growing potatoes (Potato); and pine cones (Pinecone), which lie near conifers. With the help of these dishes, you can restore the health of your heroes. In addition, it is advisable to raise the level of your main hero - Traveler (Traveler), if you have not pumped him recently.

Location of the restaurant "Good Hunter"

Combat tactics

First phase

In the early stages of the battle, you will only play as the Traveler, your main character. You need to chase the dragon and shoot the crystals on its back. Dodge the purple and blue spheres. Shoot at the green balls until they turn into huge circles. Fly through them to increase the speed of your hero and catch up with the dragon.

Second phase

Immediately stand sideways to the dragon and wait. As soon as he flies up to you, use the sprint to dodge the attack. Then wait for the dragon to land. His head will be facing one of the two paws. After a couple of seconds, the boss uses icy breath, which deals massive damage. Don't waste time, run to the opposite paw and attack it. The main thing is to take a position in which the dragon's breath will not touch your hero.

The boss will have a shrinking armor bar, which is indicated in white. When it drops to zero, the dragon will fall. Now you need to attack the crystal that is on his neck. Use the most powerful skills and spells. If you play as a melee hero, you need to climb on the dragon's neck. Watch the endurance bar as you climb. Those playing as characters with ranged attacks can simply shoot the crystal from the ground.

Periodically, the dragon will release glowing balls, which can be avoided by sprinting. Also note the starfall. Faint circles will appear in the arena before this attack begins. They mark areas where heavy stones will soon fall. Try to leave them as quickly as possible. When the boss is about to attack your hero with his beak, he will land briefly. In this case, it is better to run forward. Thus, you will not only dodge, but also be able to get close to the dragon's paws, and then inflict several blows.

When the freezing rain starts, the platform you are standing on will start damaging you. Fly up on gusts of wind that are in the left and right corners of the slab, and fly over to the next platform. If it is also covered with cracks, try not to land on it. Fly up on its streams and fly to the next plate. You need to get to the platform where there will be no glowing cracks. After that, again dodge all attacks, demolish the boss's armor and hit him on the crystal around his neck.

An easy way to defeat Dwalin

This tactic is especially useful when first meeting Dwalin. You will need a dish called Delicious Jade Parcels. It increases the attack of all fighters by 320 units and increases the chance of critical damage by 10%. Its recipe is obtained after completing the Cooking Showdown quest, which completes the Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip quest chain. It is issued by Xiangling of Springvale. The girl will hunt wild boars in the forest nearby.

Xiang Ling's location

To prepare this dish, you will need Ham, which can be bought at the Good Hunter restaurant or made from Raw meat and salt (Solt); cabbage growing in the wild; Lotus head found on the banks of rivers and lakes, and Jueyun Chili found in the Liyue region. Under the influence of the Jade Sacks, your character's attack will grow so much that the most difficult second phase of the battle will pass much faster. Choose a ranged hero and just shoot at the body of the boss as he flies by. As soon as his armor is reduced to zero - attack the crystal.

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