How to get a crypto key in Valheim. How to open the door to sunken crypts


How to get a crypto key in Valheim. How to open the door to sunken crypts

To open the Sunken Crypt dungeons in the Swamp Biome in Valheim , players need to get the Swamp Key first. Let's figure out where to get it.

The swamp biome (Swamp Biome) players will meet all sorts of creatures and materials that they can use to build better equipment and buildings. Players will be able to find iron in sunken crypts, the entrance to which is blocked. The door can only be opened if the player has received the Swamp Key.

How to get a crypto key in Valheim

The Swamp Key will open the locked door of any crypt in the Swamp Biome, giving players access to treasures and piles of mud from which to mine iron, leather, and withered bones. The crypts are well guarded by Blobs and Draugr, so be careful and careful.

Oddly enough, the Swamp Key is not in the Swamp Biome. Instead, players will have to travel to the Black Forest. Once there, players will need to fight Graydwarves Brutes and Graydwarves Shamans to get three Ancient Seeds from them. Next, players will need to find the location of the altar. The world in Valheim is randomly generated, so the location of the altar will be unique on each map created.

Place the three Ancient Seeds on the altar and call the Elder boss. You can learn more about the boss in a separate guide. Once the Ancient One is defeated, you will receive three Swamp Key and can set off to explore the dark dungeons.

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