How to get an invite to the Clubhouse - invite through social networks, queues and sale


How to get an invite to the Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a new closed social network. There you can easily communicate directly with famous bloggers, stars or even Elon Musk. One caveat - communication is always only voice. The app's peculiar elitism makes people look for ways to get there. This guide is all about how to get an invite to the Clubhouse.

By invitation

You can get into the community only through an already registered user. This is the only official way and at the same time the main feature. Each newbie has two invites that he can give at his discretion. In this method, it is important to remember that the moderators strictly monitor the behavior of all members of the "Club". If any of the people you invite breaks the rules, you will have to answer, including you. If you don't want to risk your elite position, think carefully about who to give the invitation to.

By invitation

Social networks

You can try to get the attention of the Clubhouse yourself. To do this, you need to post some entry on your personal page, or write a tweet with the hashtag #Clubhouse. The profile must be open, otherwise only your subscribers will see the post. Of course, this method is best for famous people with a large number of followers, since they are more likely to be seen. However, you can always hope for your own exclusivity and genius - suddenly your post will conquer the administration.

Waiting in line

The first step is to download and register. By choosing a nickname, you will reserve it. This is important, as there are more and more users every day. After that, you get into the waiting queue.

It is rumored that sometimes the application itself gives access, but there is no confirmation. The app is currently in beta. Probably, the waiting line can drag on until the official release of the Clubhouse.

However, there is another way. If you are already in the queue, and the registered user has your number recorded in the phone book, he will receive a notification. Under such conditions, an already registered user will be able to approve your login without spending invites. For the method to work, you must be in the application for at least two days.

Waiting in line


Despite the fact that the moderators suppress all commerce, a real madness is going on outside the Clubhouse. Already, there are hundreds of sites, telegram channels and groups in social networks, where you can buy a welcome invitation for a lot of money. Ads are also found on eBay with Avito. Of course, you are not immune from fraud.

Particular attention should be paid to Telegram. There, the methods of obtaining an invite have their own variations. Sometimes you just need to subscribe to all the social networks of a certain person, and sometimes you just need to join the channel, receive an invitation and give your two invites to other members. If the conditions are not met, they complain about you, which automatically leads to a ban. And, of course, the sale. Now prices start at $5.

Do not forget that in order to be able to run Clubhouse at all, you must have an Apple device with an iOS version of at least 13. On Android, the application has not yet been made, but this is temporary.

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