How to get to the Jade (floating) palace in Genshin Impact and are there any secrets in it


How to get to the Jade (floating) palace in Genshin Impact and are there any secrets in it

Jade Palace in Genshin Impact is a castle floating in the air, where you need to get as part of the Soaring Palace quest in the third chapter of the first act. A stranger Gan Yu, the messenger of Ning Guang, invites you to the palace, but does not tell you how to get there. Together with Paimon, you have to find out.

How to get to the Jade Palace

  • Head to Tianheng Mountain, which is located between the Cloud Sea and Lisha Suburb, and climb it, from there you can see the Soaring Palace. Paimon does not know the way there and offers to look around. Climb a little higher and approach the clover-shaped mechanism. Activate it with Anemo Damage. Then you need to take off and fly through two glowing rings, which will give acceleration to get to the floating island.
How to get to the Jade Palace map

  • On the island it will become clear that you cannot do without help, and you need to go to the ballista Gui Zhong. Go down from the island and head towards it, on the way you will meet the Millelites, who will not let you pass and will try to arrest you. You will need to defeat three waves of attacking Millelites.
  • After the battle, Ke Qing will appear, who will tell you why you were invited to the Jade Palace and how to get there. The way there will be shown by a guide in the Moonsea Pavilion in the city.
  • After talking with Ke Qing, the "Floating Palace" quest will be completed, but you still haven't gotten inside.
  • Paimon will want to make a present for Ning Guang, so you'll need to find the ingredients you need for that. To complete this quest, follow the directions below the minimap.
  • After that, you will have to save the man from the cage, as a reward for his help, he will allow you to choose a gift box for sweets. For it, you and Paimon will go to the Ming Sin jewelry house, where you will talk to the head of the jewelry house and take everything you need for a gift. After that, you can go in search of a guide to the palace.
  • Follow the signs under the minimap until you reach the guide Bu Yun and speak to him. Paimon will tell you the password, and you will find yourself in the Jade Palace.

Ning Guang will meet you in the courtyard of the Jade Palace, tell you about the palace and the war of the Archons, and then invite you inside. In the palace, you can look around, take the "Li Yue Traditions: Meeting God" scroll on the table on Ning Guang's back, talk to the secretary of the Jade Palace, Bai Shi, to receive the "Diligence Directive" award. But there is something more interesting: until the quest is completed, go to the closet with scrolls to the right of the wall with papers that Paimon drew attention to. There you can take a "Strange Notebook" with a cipher, which must be solved. It's simple, the code is written as follows: “paragraph: word: letter | letter ", and you need to look in the" Li Yue Traditions: Meeting God "scroll, which you took before. Transcript of notepad entry:


Fatui will attack the golden chamber

As soon as you take the paper with the map from the wall, the quest will end, the notebook will be inaccessible, and the task "Songs of Balance" is completed.

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