How to make as much money (reais) as possible at Disco Elysium - collecting bottles and coins, selling junk and saving on overnight stays


How to make as much money (reais) as possible at Disco Elysium

Several ways to help you earn and get more money in Disco Elysium . We will figure out how to save on accommodation and where to find money at the beginning of the game.

The currency used by Disco Elysium is called the real (réal). In Disco Elysium, you need a lot of money, and the game has something to spend it on. Money is needed to get a roof over your head, buy food, heal, as well as to purchase various items and consumables. Unfortunately, getting money at Disco Elysium is not easy, but there are some tips to make it easier for you.

At the start of the game, when you wake up, you find that your hotel bill is a whopping R $ 130, which is significantly more than your current balance of zero.

It is also worth noting that if you do not have a place to sleep, you will have to pay Garte R $ 20 a day to sleep in the Whirling-in-Rags. Not only do you need to try to move forward in your investigation every day, but you also need to look for ways to get as much money as possible.

Collect coins

The first way to make a fortune is to simply pick it up off the ground. There are small handfuls of coins scattered around the world of Disco Elysium. Often there are only a few sentims lying there, but that's better than nothing. For example, at the very beginning, you can find 40 sentims right outside your hotel room.

Collect coins

Press the Tab key as often as possible to highlight objects around the character. Examine all the boxes and collect everything to sell later. This will not be considered stealing. If receiving an item or money is considered theft, a warning will appear in the dialog box, which is usually accompanied by a skill check. The player's inventory is unlimited, and unnecessary items can be sold.

Collect bottles and send them for recycling

The second way to make money at Disco Elysium is to recycle any bottles you find. Next to the Whirling-in-Rags is a small shop called Frittte. It has a bottle recycling machine that offers 10 cents per bottle. The only problem is that you can't just carry them around, you need a special bag.

To find a bag for collecting bottles, go to the left side of the main square of Martinez. Go to the very edge of the water and find the drunkard by the stairs. A yellow plastic bag "Frittte!" Is at the man's feet. Pick it up. Congratulations, you can now collect bottles and sell them to a small recycling machine.

Sell ​​things to a pawnshop

Another way to make quick money at Disco Elysium is to sell items to the pawnshop. You can find a pawnshop just south of the Whirling-in-Rags hotel. This store is run by an interesting guy with a slight addiction. Bring him various items that you find during the passage, and you can earn some money.

Here are some things you can pawn in: the fancy pen Kim gives you, the photos, the postcards you find, the broken mug. Basically, whatever you don't need, you can sell.

Charity from strangers

Finally, the last way to make money at Disco Elysium is to literally beg for alms from strangers. Although not every NPC can be asked for alms, some do.

To Martinez's left in the boat sits a fairly wealthy woman named Joyce Messier. After talking to her for a bit, you can ask her for money. You need to ask for R $ 130 just to cover the damage you caused to the hotel. A reply in the dialogue will appear only after you receive the task "Make amends".

You can also get 10 reais from a merchant named Xiilen. It sits at the bottom of the map.

Where to spend the night on the first night and how to sleep for free

Disco Elysium has a clock and a change of time of day, which means that eventually night will come and you will have to rest somewhere (even if your mind torments you with nightmares in the process). Let's figure out where you can spend the night, how much it will cost and how to find a free bed.

Where to spend the night on the first day

Your first night is a little different from the others as Whirling-in-Rags will ask for more than just the standard nightly rate. Garth also wants you to pay for the room you trashed - just R $ 130. On the first day, it is difficult to get such an amount if you do not know about the method described above (ask Joyce Messier). They won't help you at the police station, Evrart Claire will not give you more than 25 reais (and this, by the way, will be considered a bribe), and there will not be enough bottles.

Fortunately, Kim will come to the rescue. At approximately 10:00 pm, a dialog box will appear above his icon in the bottom left corner indicating that he wants to talk. Do this and he will ask you where you are going to sleep. He will suggest that you two return to Whirling-in-Rags and try to convince Garth to let you stay for free.

The problem is, Garth won't give in to persuasion. However, it will give Kim an idea: last week he confiscated several spinning machines from criminals and is willing to mortgage them to pay the hotel bill. Take them to the pawnshop and you will receive money to pay the damage bill, and you can also use the room for one more night. Go back and pay him, you will get the key again (although he will not clean the room for you). Just click on the dirty bed when you're ready to rest.

Where to sleep after the first day

From now on you will be able to sleep at the Whirling-in-Rags every night, paying Garth R $ 20 a day. You have to pay him by 21:00. You can earn this money in any of the ways described in this article.

Where to sleep for free

On the third day, when the Fishing Village becomes available, you can go there and talk to the elderly Washerwoman. Ask if there is a place to stay in the village and she will mention an unused hut to the north of it. Nobody else uses it, so you can go there.

Yes, Kim is a little unimpressed with the quality of this accommodation, but this is a free room that also has a shaving kit, bed and mirror just like your hotel room. Take the key and from now on you can go into the hut and sleep in bed whenever you want, instead of paying Garth.

We collect useful items and money at the beginning of the game

First of all, we go to the cart and take useful tools from the box. On the embankment on the left, be sure to pick up a bag for the bottles and start exploring the territory.

There are tons of bottles and crates on the waterfront.

From the embankment we go upstairs, examine the street in front of the house and go down to the boat.

We go to the right, we examine the area above the crime scene.

On the right there will be a box and a door, the key to which can be obtained from the worker who sits on the stairs near the striking people.

There will be several useful items inside.

We speak with the smoker on the balcony. The door to an apartment building can be opened with a key hidden under a stone right next to the threshold.

We examine the corridor and rooms inside.

The door to the room on the left will be open.

Room 10 can be accessed with a bolt cutter from the police carriage.

We examine the room with the girl.

We examine both balconies.

There will be a room on the second balcony.

We go back and we pass around the bookstore, we examine the area near the police carriage and shop.

We return to the hotel and go to our room located on the second floor. We collect a lot of bottles here.

On the first floor, you can try to rob a sleeping man.

We go to the upper right part of the map, where the strike is taking place. We pass up the bridge and fight with a hulk. In the box behind him we take money and a bottle.

We go to the area of ​​the crime scene. You can get there through a broken wooden gate located near the hotel. You can try to open a huge iron container.

On the right, we are trying to open the door covered with metal sheets. We inspect the room and go out onto its roof. We collect all useful items. Here you can climb the boxes to another roof, there are still useful items.

You can also get there from the other side, the stairs will be near the striking workers. We inspect the room inside and go up to the roof.

Here you can walk along the long balcony and collect bottles.

From this balcony we go to the right, there will be a couple more boxes and a few coins.

We go into the red container located near the seated person. We speak with Evrard Clare. You can take some money from him.

We go down to the striking people and collect some coins.

There will be a few more boxes below.

From here we move to the left. We will enter the area under the police carriage. We collect useful items.

We go to the bookstore and break open the door hidden behind the orange curtains on the right.

We collect items in the room and go upstairs.

It is very dark here, you can use a flashlight, but it is of little use. We collect useful items.

In the dark we find the door and examine one more room. Just look for a passage with the cursor, if it is a door, the icon will change. A weapon can be found in a cache in the wall.

We take unnecessary items to the pawnshop, and hand over the bottles to the machine. There should be enough money for the first time.

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