How to make a lot of money (coins) in Valheim


How to make a lot of money (coins) in Valheim

Firstly Valheim is a crafting and resource gathering game. Money does not play an important role in it. However, they exist and their presence can greatly facilitate the process of mastering the game world. In this guide we will tell you how you can make money in Valheim.

We have already written about the merchant . The wandering dwarf Haldor will be one of the few characters in the game who is always happy to see you. To buy something from him, you need gold coins. However, a number of things can be sold to him.

How to make a lot of money (coins) in Valheim

Among all the resources that you can find in the world, there are those that are for sale only. At the same time, you cannot accidentally sell useful items, the merchant simply will not accept them. It turns out a simple pattern, when you cannot create something for sale, you have to find it in the game world.

The merchant buys amber, amber pearls and rubies. They can be found in several different places:

  • Chests in abandoned buildings (most often found in meadows);
  • Burial chambers in the Black Forest (most often found in the Black Woods);
  • Troll Caves in the Black Forest (rock formations with a large entrance, indicated by piles of bones);
  • Sunken crypts in the swamp (dark and gloomy dungeons that can be opened with a swamp key).

Troll Caverns are especially good sources of loot. After fighting the trolls, you can immediately get some gold.

How to make a lot of money (coins) in Valheim

Amber, amber pearls and rubies can be used to create jewelry. However, this will be much less useful than any of the items that can be purchased from the merchant's assortment.


  • Amber - 5 coins;
  • Amber Pearl - 10 coins;
  • Ruby - 20 coins.

The game even has its own internal meme on the topic of quick money. In the video of the same name, one Viking dances on a platform like a pole, while the other throws coins at him. The dancing Viking strips and gets even more gold. Of course, this is a joke and the like is ineffective.

There are no other ways to earn and spend money in the game. You will not be able to find the merchant right away, so by the time you meet you will have already collected a certain amount. Even if you bought all the items from Haldor, keep in mind that the game is still in beta. New opportunities for earning and spending may appear very soon.

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