How to quickly pump the following skills in Valheim: "no weapons", axes, swords, clubs, knives, spears, polearms, bows, picks, swimming, running and jumping


How to quickly pump the following skills in Valheim: "no weapons", axes, swords, clubs, knives, spears, polearms, bows, picks, swimming, running and jumping

Valheim is an action game with survival elements dedicated to the era of the ancient Vikings. In this guide, we will tell you how to speed up the leveling of your hero's skills.

The development of skills in Valheim happens gradually during the game. For example, the more often you use an ax in battle, the more damage you will inflict on them. This rule works for all other skills as well. But the game has a way to pump them much faster.

Construction of a training ground

The first step is to build a small training ground. Find a large stone. Level the ground around it and build a 5 by 6 cell house. The boulder needs to be inside the building. You will need about 160 wood. We described how to cut it in this guide. It is necessary to build a floor, walls and a ceiling, and make a fire inside and provide a chimney. We devoted a separate article to building a house . Inside the building, you will have the statuses "resting" and "vigor" (rested), which increase the speed of stamina regeneration.

Leveling up the skill of using polearms, sword, ax, spear, knife and bow, as well as unarmed combat

The first step is to maximize your stamina with food. We have described how to do this in this guide. Then go to the stone and attack it with your bare hands or with the weapon, the skill of which you want to pump. The situation is similar with onions. If you plan to devote a lot of time to such pumping, we recommend placing a workbench next to it to repair broken weapons.

Leveling running and jumping

To pump up your run, it is enough to rest against the wall and hold down the button that is responsible for the sprint. The advantage over running on open terrain here is the speed of endurance recovery.

For pumping jumps, it is advisable to put a horizontal bar slightly higher than the height of your hero. You can use wood floor 2x2 (wood floor 2x2). It is necessary that you can start the jump, but at the same time quickly rested your head and sank down. As a result, jumps will be short, but each of them will count as full, and your skill will grow faster than usual.

Pickaxe skill boost

In the corner of the training room, stack several 2x2 wooden floor platforms on top of each other. Then pick up a pickaxe and start breaking it. We discussed how to do it in a separate article. Due to the fast recovery of stamina, the skill will grow faster than during ore mining.

Swimming pumping

Find a body of water that has waves - water should periodically come and go. You need to put a 2x2 wooden floor on the bank. It is important that when the tide is low, your character stands on his feet, and when the tide is high, he plunges into the water. Build a small house next to it or just two walls at an angle of 90 degrees. Step on the floor and press the key, which is responsible for automatic walking. You must hit the wall. When your hero begins to swim, the swimming skill will be pumped, and as soon as he gets to his feet, stamina will be restored.

You can also upgrade your skills in a dishonest way, using cheat codes. We described how to do this here . But keep in mind that for such actions you can be banned on the server.

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