How to remove password in Windows 10

How to remove password in Windows 10

 Surely we have ever wondered how to remove the login password in Windows . Operating systems, for security reasons, allow us to set a password so that only you (or whoever knows it) can access that computer. Windows 10 invites us, or almost forces us, to put one during its installation . It also offers us the option of using a pin, instead of a password, this is less complicated to remember since there are 4 numbers.

We also have the possibility of not entering any during the installation, if when we are asked to enter a password we leave the field blank and press continue, our team will not have any password, but if we enter it , we can protect our data . Don't worry if you already put one in, we'll help you remove it if you don't want to use it.

When we use a computer at home, where it is not physically accessible by a stranger, or we simply do not have confidential information to protect, we can choose not to have a login password . So the startup will be faster, simply press the power button on your computer or laptop and see the desktop in no time.

We can also remove the password so as not to have to enter it after the computer wakes up from the suspension or when removing the screensaver, so you don't have to be entering it if we get lost for a few minutes. Then we will tell you in a few simple steps how to configure it for this purpose.

Steps to follow to remove Windows password

From the account options within configuration, we will not be able to remove the password, it will be necessary to access a “hidden” utility in Windows to perform this task.

  1. We click on the search box or on the magnifying glass depending on our version of Windows and we type netplwiz and we click on Execute command . We can also do this by pressing the start key.
  2. Once inside this hidden utility we must uncheck the box marked by default "Users must enter their name and password to use the equipment". Then we click on Apply for the changes to take effect. In this way we will avoid having to enter the password at each login or after waking up the computer from a suspension.
  3. Now it will ask us to enter the password (in duplicate) that we had set to ensure that we have "permission" to remove it.
  4. Once the password is entered and confirmed, we click accept and accept the previous window as well.

Now we can try to restart our computer and it will enter the desktop without having to write the password , instead of the typical text box to write it, a greeting will appear and in a few seconds we will be on the desktop.

 As we have verified, now every time we restart our computer we will have the desktop directly without having to enter any password , we will only have to press our power button and in an instant our operating desktop will appear to work or play with it.

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