The HyperX Cloud II is one of the most successful gaming headsets ever. The manufacturer has now sold over four million copies. The classic is now getting a wireless version that will appear in January for 169.99 euros. We were able to get hold of a copy in advance and chase it through the test course.

HyperX definitely got one thing right with the Cloud II Wireless, namely keeping the familiar design of the range. The headset is extremely robust. The basis is a solid, but flexible aluminum bracket, on whose forks the ear cups are attached. All around is a soft head cushion covered with synthetic leather. The oval ear cups also have soft memory foam pads with synthetic leather cover. Paired with a moderate weight of 309 grams, it is very comfortable to wear. Even after hours, the headset doesn't give you a headache, whether with or without glasses.

It also looks pretty. While the headset is kept in matt black overall, the seams of the head pad, the logo on the bezels and the metal bracket are in dark metallic red. If there is anything to complain about at all, it might be that the interior of the ear cups should have been a bit more spacious. All in all, comfort and workmanship are of a high standard.


The Cloud II Wireless is rather economical in terms of controls. On the left the on / off switch and microphone button, on the right a volume control. That's it already. The microphone is removable, easy to position and has a pop filter. In general, the quality of the microphone is good. With voice chat, we had no problems communicating with our teammates.

The HyperX Cloud II Wireless is operated wirelessly via a USB dongle and, like most, works in the 2.4 GHz range. The battery life is very long at 30 hours, as is the range, which can be up to 20 meters depending on the space. The very short USB charging cable is less attractive, but it can be clamped to the headset via a Type-C connection and thus replaced. HyperX would have liked to have been a little more generous. If the headset runs out of juice, cable operation with the enclosed cable is illusory. There are no other connection options such as jack or BlueTooth.

In the headset, 53 mm drivers work with a frequency range of 15 to 20,000 Hz at an impedance of 60 ohms. In stereo mode, the drivers deliver a very decent sound, which is primarily designed for competitive shooters and lacks a bit of punch in the bass. On the other hand, background noises such as footsteps can be heard more clearly. But that can easily be changed, because the free Ngenuity software (currently in beta) can be used to activate the virtual 7.1 mode and then the sun rises. The sound then becomes significantly more powerful, but does not lack clear heights.


Unfortunately, the software has little else to offer. The only setting options available are the choice between stereo and 7.1, as well as activation of microphone monitoring, overall volume and microphone. Presets or even an equalizer or the ability to create your own profiles have not been found so far. Incidentally, the headset can be operated wirelessly on a PC, PS4 and switch via USB dongle, but we recommend using it on a PC due to the 7.1 virtual surround sound.

After all, the basic settings of the headset are really good, especially in 7.1 mode. Regardless of whether it is a shooter, an open-world role-playing game or a racing game, it just sounds good and powerful. If you prefer to do without bass and want to pay more attention to sonic details, the stereo mode is also in good hands. All in all, once again a strong performance from HyperX, which is only tarnished by small weaknesses in detail and the poor software.


Powerful and robust

The HyerX Cloud II Wireless easily joins the manufacturer's long list of very good headsets. We know the design from other HyperX headsets - it is robust and extremely comfortable. The Cloud II Wireless is particularly interesting for PC gamers who want to use the virtual 7.1 sound. In normal stereo mode, the bass is a little too weak to really convince. The sun rises in 7.1 mode, the settings are really great and ideally suited for gaming. It's just a shame that the software offers very few setting options, hopefully something will happen in the next few weeks. After all, the Ngenuity software is currently still in beta. Otherwise, however, convincing through and through.


  • strong sound in 7.1 mode
  • robust workmanship
  • very high wearing comfort
  • good microphone
  • good battery life
  • clean wireless performance
  • chic look


  • very short charging cable
  • Software with few options

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