Instagram: Download videos in Android, iOS and on the PC

 You can download Instagram videos and pictures without having to install an app. It works just as well on a smartphone as it does on a computer. OkayGotcha shows you how to do it.

Instagram: Download videos in Android, iOS and on the PC

All you need to download an Instagram video is the link to the video and an app, browser extension or website that can download videos and images from Instagram . In this case, it doesn't matter whether you do this on your computer or on your mobile phone, whether you use Android or iOS.

Download Instagram videos with one app - iPhone and Android

The Instagram downloader apps for Android and iPhone all work in a similar way:

  1. Open Instagram and switch to a post with a video .
  2. At the top right, above the video, tap on the 3 dots to open the menu.
  3. Tap on " Copy link " in the menu . The link to the posting is transferred to the clipboard.
  4. Now open the Instagram video downloader app . There is usually an input field there. Some of these apps automatically insert the clipboard there, with others you have to do this manually.
  5. Then tap on the download button . In some cases you have to allow the app to access the images folder the first time.

Free apps in particular are financed through advertisements, so you have to endure an advertisement before the video download. If you have to do something like this on Instagram often, you should buy an ad-free app or download it on your PC in your browser.

Recommended apps

Instagram video download on the iPhone : This app allows you to download videos and images from Instagram and only displays cautious advertising.

FastSave video and picture download for Instagram : The app contains some advertising and is easy to use. A background service takes over the Instagram links and saves pictures and videos on your mobile phone.

Download Instagram videos with the browser

If I don't want to install an app or a browser extension, you can download Instagram videos from the website :

  1. Open the posting with the video on Instagram and then copy the page address from your browser to the clipboard .
  2. Then open , paste the URL from the clipboard there and click on " Download ".
  3. The video will load in the background and will be available for download after a few moments. Finally click on “ Download MP4 ” and the video will be saved.
However, it is even easier if you install a suitable extension in your browser with which you can download videos directly from Instagram.

These extensions are recommended for Firefox and Google Chrome:


Google Chrome

After that, you will either be shown a download arrow next to each video (Firefox) or you can upload it to the Instagram page and then click on a download icon on the extension bar at the top (Chrome).

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