The all-new Legends of Runeterra expansion is on the way. The empires of the Ascended , with the region of Shurima and more than a hundred collectible cards will be available as early as March 3, 2021 . The new pack of playable cards will be released together with the patch notes 2.3 .

We are already quite advanced within the card reveal but we will return with our mind to day 3 of the releases to talk about the highlight of that specific day, Jarvan IV , the example of Demacia.


The card has fairly low statistics for its mana cost, its 5/3 body does not offer many guarantees in such late stages of the game but this is easily explained taking into account its peculiar way of entering the playing field.

Jarvan IV offers the player a new perspective, a new way to take the offensive initiative by allowing you to pay its cost to summon it immediately. Something that didn't exist in Legends of Runeterra yet and could be a nice implementation. Why decide between board development and open attack if we can have both? 


Numerical advantage . The main characteristic of Jarvan IV is to give you numerical advantage in the attack phase, his ability allows you to open the attack with him on the field without your opponent being able to summon a blocker in response .

Something that the archetype was missing . Jarvan adds a lot of depth to elite archetypes bybringing emphasis on challengers and making sure your opponent has to domulti-card play arounds and scenarios. It is also powered by Battlesmith and discounts For The Fallen .

Condition level up simple. Level up from the deck and in a not particularly complex, reliable way.


Weaknesses and criticalities 

Obligation of the effect . A major problem when playing a deck that often needs to manage your resources , having to basically throw an extra piece from your hand when you would prefer to keep it in your hand and indulge in a lighter and more conservative open attack is a heavy worry. Often the ability of a player of midrange archetypes is noticed in knowing when to be able to allow himself to invest his cards, Jarvan tends to force all - in .

Uniqueness of the archetype . Probably the cost is excessive in most decks, definitely out of the curve for scout archetypes or very aggressive. Basically it only works in the elite and that's not good.

The competition is very tough . Demacia is a strong region, being in it is often positive given the excellent shoulders to rely on but competition can kill a card of this type . Cithria is probably a better 6-mana drop than Jarvan IV, and even from the champion front it makes more sense to compare it with the strong limitation of slots it's not faring better. Garen , Fiora and Quinn are all superior to Jarvan IV when taken individually and better suited to blend with existing or future archetypes.

Weaknesses and criticalities


You can see that the criticalities are much higher than the strengths. Almost certainly the card was designed to have total synergy with La Grande Piazza which, however, had the good fortune / bad luck to impact the metagame too much and to suffer a nerf even before the brave King of Demacia came out. We will therefore never see this card at the full potential with which it was designed and that is perhaps why it is a bit limp. Hope is the last to die and the certainty that it will not be present in the next decks we cannot have yet. As always, it will be up to wait for the testing phase and its next release.

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