The all-new Legends of Runeterra expansion is on the way. The Empires of the Ascended , with the Shurima region and more than a hundred collectible cards, will be available as early as March 3, 2021 . The new pack of playable cards will be released together with  the patch notes 2.3 . If you are interested in the title sent to you to retrieve the guides on Jarvan IV , Lissandra and Taliyah , go out previously on our site.


Let's start by saying that the new keyword is potentially very interesting . The new keyword Legends of Runeterra does not bring anything too complex or innovative in a card game, but fun and effective. In fact, Kill provides the owner with great advantages every time the user of the deck destroys an enemy unit, no matter if this happens through direct damage, collision damage or via effects that cause instant death ( Revenge ). Owners of this keyword can basically snowball within the game taking on value while they remain on the ground or in the game deck, generating rather fun scenarios that are difficult to play around.

The archetype in which it would fit is really strong . Nasus would become a sort of finisher for all those decks that use the fearsome mechanicsto bring damage to theopponent's nexus . Although the power level of Nasus difficult it is to pin down and at the moment appears to be a rather weak paper, part of an archetype so good and powerful will help him very much, perhaps allowing him to see the game.

The cards connected to him are very strong . Along with Nasus some really monstrous cards came out. Fire of the Spirit is a truly impressive 7-cost burst card, and even the Sanctum Conservator is a card that can really have its say in certain metagames. The first card in particular could see play very well even without Nasus as a possible splash of Shurima in the current fearsome .



Hush,  go back to your dog bed . Once it reaches the second of its three levels, it will have a magical shield becoming very resistant to spells that silence. The problem is to make this happen. Playing this card against Targon players with Hush seems like an impossible feat, and the chances of them countering your Nasus the moment you play him dangerously is ridiculously high. A critical issue that perhaps will weigh more than any strength . If we also assume that its cost of 6 mana makes it a decent target even for any rebounds of Ionia, then the omelette is really done.

Pitiful starting statistics,  a new concept but at the same time already seen . Dear old Nasus that starts from being weak to then become gigantic and crush everyone we all wanted, but so it is really too much like They who Endure losing almost completely that feeling of freshness that a card should bring. A bit disappointing from this point of view too.

Uniqueness of archetype . It only works in one archetype and is also something we have seen perhaps too much in the history of Legends of Runeterra, which is not good. The hope after such harsh criticism is always that of being wrong and that the good dog can find a game outside the ethereal world of theorycrafting .

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