Little Nightmares 2 may have some DLC


Little Nightmares 2 may have some DLC

Little Nightmares 2 was released on February 11th and is a hit with fans and gamers alike. After the release of the game, the developers announced that they were planning to switch to a new IP. There was no information about additional content for Little Nightmares 2, and fans decided that the game would not receive DLC.

Tarsier Studios fans began to tweet questions in an attempt to clarify the future of the game. And although there is no official confirmation, there is a hint of additional content for the game in the responses.

A Twitter user wrote in one of the discussions that the developers will not release a sequel or DLC for the game. To which the company representative replied, "Oh, you think so?"

One fan of the game asked why the developers switched to other games when there are so many things to explore in this universe. In response, he received the message “Have we switched? Interesting".


The answers hint that the developers have not finished work on Little Nightmares 2 yet, and information about DLC or even several may appear soon.

After all, along with these posts on Twitter, user u / WerewolfHide19 on reddit shared his hunch about the release of new DLC for the game. In the game menu, chapters are selected using an old TV. It has 8 channels, although there are only 5 chapters in the game. He guessed that the remaining 3 places are reserved for additional content that will appear later.

But for now, all these are just rumors and guesses, and fans of the game can only wait and hope for new content in their favorite game. 

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