Little Nightmares 2 - Why Sixth Betrayed Mono


Little Nightmares 2 - Why Sixth Betrayed Mono

One of the most controversial moments in Little Nightmares 2 is the ending. After rescuing Six from whatever realm she is trapped in, the protagonist Mono escapes as the massive purple monster known in the game as the "Abyss" chases them to the exit. In this article we will try to understand one question - why did the Sixth betray Mono?

Little Nightmares 2 - Why Sixth Betrayed Mono

After Six jumps over a huge security breach, you follow her lead. When the bridge collapses around you, you jump to Six, who catches you. However, Sixth refuses to pull up Mono. After a few seconds, she inexplicably lets go of his hand, causing him to fall and smash to death. The game does not show us this, only a black screen. The sixth leaves the TV screen to return to the real world.

Debate has raged online since Little Nightmares 2 was released about why Six betrayed Mono. After all, the couple have been inseparable since their first meeting, and they have helped each other escape from many enemies. Why, then, is Sixth cheating on her new friend at the end of the game?

The sixth had a terrible choice

Little Nightmares fans know that Six suffers from an unrelenting hunger that is always very noticeable when her ghost version appears. As a basic example: she ate a live rat and a gnome in the first game of the franchise and killed Lady (the antagonist of the first Little Nightmares) by biting her neck and absorbing her seemingly magical powers.

As the secret ending of Little Nightmares 2 reveals, Six still suffers from this hunger when she returns to the real world. If she had saved Mono, then they could have safely escaped, but there is a high chance that Six would end up engulfing him. In a way, she had to make a terrible choice: to save her friend for a while and then eat him because of her condition, or let him fall to "save" her life.

The sixth was obsessed with her alter ego

We know Six has a shadow version of herself. As mentioned, when she gets hungry in any game, a dark version of Six appears. It seems odd that Six never gets hungry during Little Nightmares 2, and maybe her dark side has really taken over her.

This would explain many of her actions throughout the game. For example, she wants to use a shotgun to kill the Hunter. She warms her hands at the incinerator as the Doctor burns to death inside. She is seen breaking a patient's dummy in the hospital while Mono searches for fuses to power the elevator. And she sacrifices Mono to escape alone.

If the dark side got the upper hand and controls the Sixth, then that might explain why her evil personality chose to let Mono fall rather than save him from the Abyss. In the secret finale of the game, we even see the Shadow of the Six appear in front of her, and after a few seconds she suffers from hunger again, which only adds fuel to the fire in favor of this particular theory.

Mona had to fall to continue the Slender Man's time loop

As we can see in the final moments of the game, Mono is experiencing his downfall. Mono then climbs onto a wooden chair and uses his telekinetic powers to temporarily force him to return. Then we see how Mono sits on a chair under a purple light that is associated with the Signal Tower, and Mono turns into a Thin Man who was the antagonist of Little Nightmares 2. A close encounter with this antagonist was in the fourth chapter, when he kidnapped the Sixth.

If Six had resisted the temptation to eat Mono and saved him from dying, then the time loop in which Mono seemed to be stuck would have ended. Thus, he will not grow up to become the Subtle Man, kidnap Six, turn her into a monster, and then be defeated by his younger self before the cycle repeats. Mono needs to be sacrificed to keep the time loop intact, so if Six saved him, reality would be annihilated.

The monster inside Six showed her a way to kill the Abyss.

Some fan theories suggest that Six must sacrifice Mono in order to defeat the Abyss. The Lip Monster seems to be associated with all evil in the Tarsier Studios horror series, and the Monster Six's shape may be the key to defeating him.

The only question is how? Well, Six's time as a twisted giant monster in Chapter 5 may have given her an idea of ​​how Abyss works. If she gets some idea of ​​her structure and potential weaknesses in her monster form, Mono's salvation will deprive her of that. Because, saving Mono would break the Thin Man's timeline, and she would never become a monster.

We, in turn, hope that Tarsier Studios will release the third part of the franchise, which will answer our most important questions.

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