LucidSound has made a pretty good name for itself when it comes to the sound of gaming headsets. However, there was a setback with the LS35X for the Xbox One, despite all the quality, because the fastenings of the ear cups were quite porous and crumbled after just a few players. Extremely annoying, but maybe also a reason why the new LS15X relies on a changed design. We took the wireless Xbox variant to our chest.

The new headset from LucidSound is available in two versions, the LS15X for the Microsoft console and the LS15P for the PlayStation. Both cost around 100 euros (we haven't seen a German RRP), both are identical and only differ in terms of wireless technology. And neither should be confused with the in-ear headphones of the same name.

Both can also be used on the PC and an optional jack connection is also available, even if no cable is included. Regardless of the variant, the LS15 is operated via a USB dongle. It's a shame, especially for the Xbox One / Xbox Series X / S we would have liked Xbox wireless technology like the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2, which is about the same price.


The design is very different from that of the other LucidSound headsets and relies on a more classic shape, but unfortunately also on more plastic. For the price range, however, it is well made and we couldn't find any potential break points like the one on the LS35X. At around 280 grams, the LS15X is also pleasantly light. Thanks to the rotating ear cups and the soft cushions with synthetic leather cover, the wearing comfort is good.

Installation is simple: insert the USB dongle into the console, switch on the headset and you're done. The operation is also not overwhelming. Volume and game chat balance are controlled via the rotating side panels, you can switch off the game sound with a push of the button, and switch the microphone and mic monitoring (i.e. hearing your own voice) on and off. With another switch you can choose between three EQ presets: Natural, Signature and Bass Boost.

A detachable microphone boom is included, which enables a very clean and clear voice transmission without a lot of background noise. As with previous models, the microphone quality is in the upper range, at least for voice chat. There is also an integrated microphone so that the headset can also be used to make calls when operating on the smartphone. It doesn't make much more sense, however, since the integrated microphone picks up too much ambient noise. Basically, you could have saved yourself.

The LS15X uses the usual 2.4 GHz range for wireless transmission and it works well and without interference. The range is 9-10 meters, which is the usual average. The battery life is okay at 15 hours, but is no longer part of the upper class. Annoying: the USB charging cable is very short, so cable operation is not an option in an emergency, unless you swap it for a longer cable yourself.

The LS15X uses 50 mm drivers with the typical frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz. The drivers leave a mixed impression in analog mode via jack cable, but flourish when you connect them wirelessly to the console with Windows Sonic, DTS: X or Dolby Atmos feeds. No records are broken, but the sound is good for the price range.

We tried various games on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X / S with the LS15X and had no problems whatsoever. The wireless transmission ran smoothly and without interference. The sound was also generally convincing, as was the directional perception, for example in shooters or open world games. So all in all a rock-solid, very decent wireless headset that lives up to its price.


... you are looking for a wireless headset in the rather moderate price range for your console and don't let a USB dongle disturb you.


... you have audiophile demands.


Rock solid and without major defects

For around 100 euros, the LucidSound LS15X is a rock-solid wireless headset for the console and PC. The sound as well as the wearing comfort and the microphone are on a good level for the price range. Battery life and wireless range are in line with the usual average. It is a shame, however, that the Xbox wireless technology is not used, as with the same-priced Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2, but basically two USB slots on the console for USB dongle and charging cable. In the age of external SSDs, this will not please everyone. Thus, LucidSound does not manage to stand out from the strong competition significantly. Works perfectly, has no real weaknesses, but also no special features. As I said, rock solid.


  • Overall good sound when using Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos and DTS: X
  • good wearing comfort
  • simple, intuitive operation
  • good microphone
  • pleasantly light
  • Modified design eliminates previous weaknesses


  • no Xbox wireless technology
  • moderate sound in analog mode
  • a lot of plastic
  • short charging cable

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