Microsoft Word: Turn on dark mode - that's how it works

 Working on a brightly lit screen can be exhausting, especially in the evenings and when the lighting is dark. If you still have to write something in such situations, you can turn on the dark mode in Word. OkayGotcha explains how it works.

The dark mode in Word can be activated manually or according to the system settings. If you switch on the dark mode of Windows 10 , Word can automatically react to it. Soon there will even be another innovation: In an upcoming version, the dark mode will even darken the text page , which was previously always displayed in white.

Activate dark mode in Word

Microsoft Office comes with a variety of " Office Designs ". With the "Colorful" design, each Office program gets its own color (Word is blue, Excel is green, etc.). The design "white" gives all programs a white title bar and then there are three other designs:

  • Dark gray is a dark design in which different shades of gray surround a white page of text.
  • Black is similar to dark gray, except that there is a real black frame here with gray accents.
  • Use system settings : Word automatically adapts to the Windows settings here. If Windows Dark Mode is activated, Word will also be dark. If Windows is running in "day mode", Word uses the "colorful" design and has a blue title bar.

How to activate the Word-Dark-Mode:

  1. Start Word and click in the menu bar on " File " and then on " Account ".
  2. In the account settings you can see the pull-down menu " Office Design " on the right .
  3. Click on it and choose the design "black".

As you can see, the entire surface immediately turns black or dark gray. This also continues in the work surface.

However, the text side itself is still white. That should change soon, as Microsoft is currently working in a "real dark mode". This will then also give the document itself a dark background and make the font light in contrast. Here you can see a first preview of the feature:

How to activate the Word-Dark-Mode:

As soon as this innovation comes, you will still be able to use the dark mode with the white side. Under “ File ” → “ Options ” you can check the “ Personalize Microsoft Office copy ” section on the right next to “ Deactivate dark mode ”. This does not affect the dark mode itself, but only the background color of the text pages. In that case, they remain white.

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