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Monster Hunter Rise - Weapons Overview


Monster Hunter Rise - Weapons Overview

Monster Hunter Rise is upon us and today we at together with Ars Light - Lux PKK are here to give you a general overview of the weapons present in this new chapter, coming to Nintendo Switch.

This will be the first of a series of guides / videos in which we will go to see specifically each weapon in the game at the moment, barring last-minute surprises, there are 14 in total .

Which weapon do I choose?

We can answer this question in two ways, the first is: if you are old players you will already know which weapon is more akin to your style, nothing having changed compared to the previous chapters, if not the addition of some extra combos that can be performed with the new one. Insect wire . You can safely continue to use your favorite weapon, or, if you want to approach something different than usual, you will already have the basics to be able to do it without any problem.

If, on the other hand, Rise is the first Monster Hunter you approach, we advise you to try them all in order to understand which one best suits your style. Are you a ranged type? You can choose the Arc which with its gameplay linked to the vials will allow you to inflict altered statuses on the monster.

You will have access to the following weapons:

Melee weaponsRanged weapons
Long SwordLight crossbow
Sword and ShieldHeavy crossbow
Double BladesLaunch Rifle
Hunting horn
Launch Rifle
Loaded blade
Insect glaive

Don't worry about the choice of weapon. In the full game you can change the type of weapon instantly and they will all be provided with the basic set, without having to "waste" resources to craft the various sets.

Melee weapons and ranged weapons

The 14 types of weapons can be divided into two groups, melee weapons and ranged weapons.

Both types of weapons have various basic attacks available that can be performed by pressing a specific button:

Melee weapons

  • X button = Attack 1
  • A button = Attack 2
  • Keys X + A = Attack 3
  • ZR Button = Special Action / Block if your weapon has a shield available

Ranged weapons

Ranged weapons are used like firearms in a classic shooter, let's see the basic actions that we can perform:

  • ZL button = Aim is taken
  • ZR button = You shoot
  • X button = Special action 1
  • A key = Special action 2

Can I sharpen a bow?

Another difference between the two types of weapons is the sharpening , mechanical only linked to the melee ones. You will have a bar that goes from red to green, each time you use the weapon to do damage to the monster, it drops, making you lose the sharpness of the weapon.

As in the kitchen, a sharper knife will cut better than a cordless one, this principle is applicable in the game. So check the sharpening bar every so often before you find yourself doing no damage in the middle of the fight .

In this chapter, as in Monster Hunter World, you can use the whetstone to be able to restore the thread to your weapon . It will be in your item inventory from the start and can be used indefinitely.

On the other hand, with regard to ranged weapons, this problem does not exist, you will have other things to worry about, such as ammunition from bullets or vials.

This was a general overview of the weapons in the game, and have you already chosen your style for the next hunting season?