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New gameplay details for Resident Evil Village


New gameplay details for Resident Evil Village

As the May release of Resident Evil Village approaches , Capcom is revealing more details about its highly anticipated game.

Interesting gameplay details have emerged recently. The castle, which we saw a lot in cutscenes and trailers, as well as in the Maiden demo, will have many secrets and hidden paths. Of course, the exploration of locations will be encouraged, since lockpicks will return to the game, of which, as in Resident Evil 7 , there will be a limited number. Lockpicks can be used to open certain locks in order to get additional items and resources.

Meanwhile, as with the Resident Evil 7 Mr Everywhere, Resident Evil2 Remake Mr Raccoon and Resident Evil 3 Remake Charlie Dolls, there will be goat figurines scattered throughout the game in Resident Evil Village - smashing them all will give you a secret...

New gameplay details for Resident Evil Village

The battles will also bring a lot of variety, solving a key issue in Resident Evil 7 . In Resident Evil Village will be a lot of different enemies that require different strategies. Some can be shot, some need to be damaged using the environment, and some you just need to run away from.

Resident Evil Village will launch on May 7 for PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.