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Nioh 2 - how to get all the awards (achievements, achievements) and get platinum


Nioh 2 - how to get all the awards (achievements, achievements) and get platinum

Guide to all trophies in the second part of Nioh

Nioh 2 is a sequel to the 2017 game , which takes place before the events of the original. Like the first part, Nioh 2 belongs to the Action / RPG genre in the spirit of Dark Souls , but with Diablo elements. Nioh 2 is recommended primarily for those who like From Software's hardcore projects. In this article we will tell you how to get all the achievements in this game and get platinum.

Bronze trophies

Story awards

  • "The birth of a dream " (Dawn of Dream) . Make friends with Tokirito.
  • " Inspiring Victory " (An Electrifying Triumph) . Defeat Imagawa Yoshimoto.
  • " Hideyoshi » (Hideyoshi) . Share the name with Tokichiro.
  • " Our paths " (The Paths We Tread) . Break up with Tokichiro.
  • " Dream Price » (Dream of Toll's) . Defeat Tokichiro.
  • " Mother and Child " (Mother and Child) . Meet your mother.
  • " Fate " (What is Written) . Do what is destined for you.

Main character level rewards

  • " Beginning of the Way of the Samurai » (of The Beginning of a Samurai) . You need to get level 10 for this trophy.
  • " Experienced Samurai » (of Full-fledged Samurai) . A reward given after reaching level 100.

Weapon awards

  • Sword master (Master Sword) . After completing the mission in the dojo, a perk will open that allows you to see the statistics of weapon pumping. To obtain this trophy, you need to gain 180,000 skill points using one sword.
  • " Master of two swords " (Dual Sword Master) . Get 180,000 skill points by fighting with two swords.
  • " Spear Master » (Spear to Master Master) . Earn 180,000 skill points by killing opponents with a spear.
  • " Ax Master » (Axe to Master Master) . Get 180,000 skill points using axes.
  • " Kusarigama Master » (Kusarigama to Master Master) . Earn 180,000 skill points using Kasarigama.
  • " Master Odat » (Odachi to Master Master) . Earn 180,000 skill points by fighting Kasarigama.
  • " Tonfa Master » (Tonfa to Master Master) . Earn 180,000 skill points by killing enemies with tonfa.
  • " Master of Ninjutsu " (Ninjutsu Master) . Earn 200,000 skill points using ninjutsu.
  • " Master Onmyōdō » (Onmyo Magic to Master Master) . Earn 250,000 skill points using Onmyou.

Other awards

  • " Mind weapons » (Weapon`s yet Mind) . Take the cursed weapon and attack opponents with it. They will start a conversation with you. Get this trophy by the fifth dialogue.
  • " Counterstrike " (Burst Breaker) . The game provides three types of counterattacks. To get the trophy, each of them must be completed 5 times.
  • " Amateur writing » (Lover Rankings of Letters) . Open the tea house and buy any scroll for 1000 fame.
  • " Wandering in the twilight " (Twilight Walker) . Complete the Twilight Mission.
  • " Help Wanted » (the Help Wanted) . Summon a helper from the grave 10 times.
  • " Spiritual Union " (Match Made in Heaven) . Conduct a soul fusion at the gunsmith.
  • " New masterpiece " (Master Masterprice) . Just craft an item.
  • " New to the alteration » (Remodeling Novice) . Remake the item.
  • " Connoisseur Tea » (the Tea Connoiseur) . Among the dropped out loot, you will drop cups. In the teahouse, select the "Tea Ware Rating" option Once you've examined 50 cups, get this trophy.
  • " Triumph of gizmos " (Trinket Triunph) . Donate unnecessary things to the altar to open the bazaar and knock out this achievement.
  • " Teamwork " (Teamwork) . Complete 10 tasks together with other players or characters in the game.
  • " Amateur spa » (Spa is Healer) . Take a dip in any thermal spring.
  • " To pacify the yokai Master » (Yokai Quelling to Master Master) . Defeat youkai of all types.
  • " Account opened " (Core Score) . Receive Soul Essence.
  • " Swapping with Sudama " (Sudama Swapper) . Sudama is a purple imp. When he appears in front of you, give him an unnecessary weapon or piece of equipment, after which you will receive a similar item and this trophy.
  • " Roller balls " (Dungball Roller) . Make friends with Ryunojo.
  • " Experienced traveler » (Seasoned Traveller) . To receive this reward, you need to find 10 hidden objects on the map. Move over it until the blue cursor turns red, and then press the "X" button. The trophy can be obtained at the very first locations.
  • " A friend keepers » (the Friend of Guardians) . Collect all Guardian Spirits.
  • " Fusion " (Fuse It or Lose It) . With the help of fusions, you need to get the essence of the soul of the 9th level.
  • " Cleaning " (Clean Sweep) . Find and destroy 6 yellow crystals in the chapter "Inspired Demon".
  • " Secret hopes " (Hidden Hopes) . In the chapter "Furious Blade" you need to find 3 flocks of blue butterflies.
  • " Thunderstorm of the Ungulates " (Graser Eraser) . To get this trophy, you need to kill the boss of the first location and the minotaur, from which the key to the village cemetery drops out.
  • " Pietistic » (a Devout Believer) . Kill the boss of the Serpentine Sanctuary without destroying the statues by Shirohami.
  • " The storm birds » (Feather Buster) . Destroy the two red orbs in the Exit chapter.
  • " Chime Bells » (Ten Thousand Peal of Bells) . Ring all 6 bells in the Before Destruction chapter.
  • "The brave cowboy " (Bold Wrangler) . Defeat the Gozuki in the Village of the Damned chapter.
  • " Intriguer " (Schemer) . In the "Piercing Streams" chapter, stand near the dam during the boss fight. After an enhanced attack, you will receive this trophy.

Silver Trophies

  • " Connoisseur Spa » (Spa is Lover Rankings) . Swim in all 27 thermal springs in the game.
  • " Leader of Kodama " (Kodama Leader) . Collect all existing kodams. There are 150 of them in the game, scattered across 6 locations.
  • " Seven Wonders » (Seven Wonders) . Defeat all 7 Spearmen at Daigo Shrine during the Cherry Blossom chapter.
  • " Let there be light » (for Let There the Be Light) . Destroy the manifestations of darkness in all locations.
  • " Seeker souls » (Soul Searcher) . Find all Soul Essences.

Gold trophies

  • " Dreams and dreams " (Dream Within a Dream) . To receive this trophy, you need to send Tokichiro on his last journey.
  • " Legendary samurai " (Samurai of Legend) . Complete all main and side missions in the game. You can use our walkthrough.

Platinum trophy

It won't be enough to complete the game once to get all the rewards and get the platinum. Many cumulative trophies (for example, "Tea Connoisseur" or achievements related to weapon mastery) will remain unfulfilled. However, you can replay individual chapters or start New Game + and receive the remaining rewards. If you want new challenges and extreme difficulty, we recommend the second option.