OK Google: Funny answers and curiosities

OK Google: Funny answers and curiosities

 What can Google Assistant do to entertain us?

OK Google is an Android device tool that provides unique versatility and speed. It offers us, through remote voice commands , personalized searches, current information, set alarms and reminders, purchase flights, control the smartphone remotely, send messages ... It is a service that Google provides free of charge on all devices with Android 6.0 or higher. Of course, it is necessary to have internet to use Google Assistant. Take a look at this guide to get OK Google up and running.

However, Google has incorporated more functions than what we have named in the previous paragraph in its voice assistant. Functions such as telling us jokes, singing songs to us, giving us curious facts about the world we live in and there is even the odd “easter egg” that is activated by saying the right words, especially with respect to the Google Assistant competition . There are also games and activities, so that we can be entertained for a long time. If you are interested in knowing everything that this wizard covers, you better go to this guide.

In this guide of funny answers and curiosities of OK Google we are going to try to reveal as many "hidden" commands as we can find.

OK Google jokes

First of all, it must be clarified that the jokes that he tells us are bad as they are alone, they deserve a separate category in the ranking of jokes. We have previously seen how to activate OK Google and configure it, so taking that for granted, with the words “OK Google” the assistant will be activated, then we will tell you to tell us a joke.

As we see, jokes are unique. In the end I asked him for a good joke and he released what you see, something above the level of the other two, but surely it is the result of chance. If we tell him to tell us good, bad, long or short jokes, he will not care, he does not seem to distinguish between the type of joke, even if you ask him to be about sports or politics.

It seems to have, however, filters in terms of certain types of jokes, such as those categorized as green. Of course the answers of green jokes of OK Google are curious.

Also, we can interact after a joke . We can tell him that this joke was very bad or that we liked it and he will respond in different ways.

As you can see, each time he tells us different jokes and does not repeat, unless we are very tired, then it is likely that he will. Anyway, who is going to entertain listening to all his jokes?

Curiosities of OK Google

In this section we will see peculiar answers that the Google assistant returns when we mention a keyword. For example, we can ask you about your direct competitor, which is Siri , Apple's voice assistant. It will also treat other assistants like Cortana, from Microsoft. Google Assistant remains totally neutral in this context.

However, we can ask you more questions that occur to us, as long as they are common questions you will give us your own answer. If we don't ask you easy questions so to speak, you will tell us that you have not understood us. We can ask him about his own tastes, who created him, where he lives, if he has a partner...

There are many more self-answering questions. For example, you can ask OK Google about the coronavirus and they will answer you properly, that they put a beatbox base for you, that they make you a sandwich (spoiler: it won't).

In terms of languages, we can demand more from you than what you can offer, such as Morse, sign language or languages ​​“so well known” as Esperanto.

We can also ask OK Google to give us a curious fact or something that we do not know, it will respond with reliable information and below, in the quick responses, we can see the source from which it has obtained the information.

On the other hand, and to end this section, we have OK Google's random mode , so to speak. It is about saying the word "surprise me" , and we will see that it will come out in different ways. It does not usually cover more than telling you the news, a curious fact and the odd riddle.

Games and activities with OK Google

The Google assistant goes further and allows us to entertain ourselves with games, in which only two people (you and the assistant) will participate. In addition, you can ask him to throw a coin or a dice and he will do so, after a 3D animation.

In the following images there are screenshots after saying "OK Google" followed by; roll a die, flip a coin, and pick a number, in that order.

We can even modify the rules of these activities somewhat. Telling him to roll several dice, X-sided dice (10 in our case) or ask him for a random number from a range that we give him (up to 1000 million maximum)

On the other hand, Google Assistant maintains a variety of games with which to entertain yourself after asking you to play a game. It gives us to choose between a few available and these will be executed on that same screen. The game we have chosen is long and it is about saving yourself from a spaceship that has been invaded by aliens. You will need to contact the ship's AI to see what options are available and repair the defense systems to save yourself. These games will explain more things by voice than there are in written text.

Funny answers from OK Google

As expected, Google has incorporated an algorithm to match for certain questions. The answers tend to be original and it is not always pigeonholed in the same answer, if you ask the same thing several times it will answer you in different ways.

If we ask him how to rob a bank, he will send us to YouTube videos related to robberies and such. If we immediately tell him it was a joke, he will interact with us.

We can also ask strange questions to OK Google and the answers will be of all kinds, always trying not to meddle in the matter to safeguard its neutrality in every way. From asking him to be your partner to seeing the future or some famous movie phrases.

If you ask him if she is alive, he will respond with a resemblance to the famous phrase of Descartes, although he has answers for many other questions.

Another curious question is if he has Easter Eggs, the so-called Easter Eggs, to which he basically answers yes but he is not going to tell you. It even responds to two-word games and finishes what you've started.

It is possible to greet or say goodbye to the Google assistant in a friendly way, or to mention a joke like “Do a barrel roll” and it will try to imitate the sound.

Let's leave it with these last screenshots, in which we interact with Google Assistant with common phrases that give game to the conversation.

Songs, riddles and tongue twisters from OK Google

We could not miss a section in which Google Assistant sings us some lines (usually quite bad) that make it out of tune. Certainly, the tone used in the songs of OK Google changes a lot compared to the usual, and thank goodness because otherwise it would seem that a robot is singing to us. We can also ask you for tongue twisters or riddles, for which you will leave very little time to get it right and that, sometimes, is frustrating.

As regards songs, as we said, it maintains a varying tone. Also, in the last capture nothing appears, but he has spent a long time doing beatboxing and has not sung anything.

He has quite a repertoire for songs, of six that we have asked him, he has not repeated any and in the end it seems that he was letting go, since he was not talking only about virtual assistants.

As for tongue twisters, I have to say that Google Assistant is a bit orthopedic, it doesn't enunciate the phrases as a tongue twister should be, since sometimes it pauses and sometimes it doesn't. However, we can interact with it if we want to lower the level of the tongue twisters, because in fact it contains some quite extensive and more complex.

On the other hand we have the riddles or riddles , but as we said, it has the fault that it hardly leaves time to solve them . If we like to try it, we must read the riddle quickly and minimize OK Google, we think about it calmly and when we have an answer we maximize it, then the riddle will end. It is the only way I have found to solve this (and I have not hit a single one).

The repertoire of riddles is also quite complete and I have not come to repeat any, so surely we have a good base to bore. Not that they are very intuitive, but it will take away the boredom for a while.

OK Google is an almost inexhaustible source of funny answers

In this guide of curious and funny answers from OK Google we have seen all kinds of answers that the assistant returns to us when mentioning a keyword in the question we ask. OK Google discriminates the answer that it is going to give you according to what you ask, and it will not always search in the web browser or perform actions on the phone, as we have seen in this other guide, but it also interacts with us in a peculiar way, through their Easter Eggs so to speak.

We invite you to try out more word combinations for yourself to find funny OK Google phrases . In addition, if you have noticed, in the screenshots posted above there are, at the bottom, suggestions for interacting with OK Google, so it is a good way to start. Also, in case you didn't know, it is possible to use OK Google in Windows and thus have all these actions from your PC.

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