OK Google: How to Set Up My Device

OK Google: How to Set Up My Device

What is Google Assistant?

Google's voice assistant is a particular tool for devices with the Android operating system installed. This assistant is quite useful when learning how to use it and, above all, in certain situations in which it is not possible to physically pick up the mobile . It will serve us in a good way to control part of the mobile remotely, write messages by voice transcription, search for nearby restaurants, control the home automation, put music, establish routines ... For this, we are going to see how to activate Google Assistant to be able to use voice commands using OK Google.

How to activate OK Google on Android

The first thing is to have an Android device, anyone with a version of Android 6.0 or higher will be enough. We will look for the icon called Google, simply. The appearance of this icon may vary from one version to another so it is best to search for it simply and simply among all the bloatware that we may have on the device.

We will enter the application and at the bottom right we give the three points where it says "More". Then we go to Settings and then to the Voice section, which is the one that interests us.

Once inside we go to the OK Google section and click on Voice Match , inside we will activate the “OK Google” option and we will begin to configure it.

By clicking next, a window will appear informing us that our voice will be recorded when the assistant is active in order to improve it and adapt it only to your voice. However, this method is not entirely safe and they warn us that other similar voices could use it in the same way.

Now we will have to say “OK Google” several times and the central circle will be filled in blue. Once finished, it will ask us whether or not we want to store our voice. Ideally, we do, as this will lead to a better experience using Google Assistant .

Once we have finished this process, OK Google will be enabled, but half. Now, when we say the words "OK Google", the Google voice assistant will jump after a small vibration. Then we can continue talking to him, for example to find us nearby restaurants (just saying the word "restaurants" is enough).

It is worth mentioning that, if you do not have GPS activated, Google Assistant will determine your position through your mobile operator. In my case - I am in a town in Albacete - he has looked for restaurants in Córdoba - where my company is from, PTV - and I would barely get to dinner there leaving at this time by car.

Now we can make OK Google call us by another name . Just by saying "Call me sir", he will refer to us that way until we give him another name. This name can be changed with the keyboard on that same screen, since the spelling of the nicknames does not control it, as expected. There are also quick actions like setting an alarm at a time that we tell you or tell us jokes . The latter is only suitable for people who like bad jokes, visit this guide to see all the jokes and curious answers from OK Google.

We are going to finish enabling the full potential of Google Assistant, since we have left it halfway before. Even so, at half gas it is already more than enough for the usual use that an average user can give it. Just by saying "OK Google" and activating it, we will see a small window down in blue where it says "Unlock more functions of the assistant", we give it there. Now, in the next two windows, we can decide where else we want OK Google to be integrated, from offering information that is displayed on your screen, emails related to the assistant's news... to integrating OK Google into Google devices with artificial intelligence such as Google Home, speakers, bulbs... 

Configure OK Google to our liking

To configure Google Assistant to our liking we are going to go to the Google application again, we will click on "More" and we will enter the settings, just like at the beginning. Then click on "Google Assistant".

Now we go to the services tab and there we have several things to customize the wizard. What appears are the contexts where Google will use default applications. By entering each of them we can change these applications for others that we want and that support Google voice control . For example, to play music we can use YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify ... these by default, while for multimedia we have Netflix, YouTube Kids and Google Photos, in which an active account will have to be linked.

Let's look at other OK Google settings . Going back to the application, giving "More" and settings, then "Google Assistant". Now we will go to the "Assistant" section and see that we can change a multitude of parameters. The continuous conversation is quite useful as it will avoid having to say "OK Google" to continue talking to the assistant, since at first you will not understand each other very well and you will have to specify more things. You can also change the language in which you will speak and add new known voices so that each person has a dedicated profile on the device using Voice Match.

Other options to customize OK Google are that it recognizes your face and can show you personal information both on it and on other connected devices, add devices compatible with Google Assistant (known as IoT, Internet of Things) or tell it how you usually move when leaving home to tell you how to get somewhere specific based on your transportation preferences.

Set up routines in OK Google

Routines are interesting options for a voice assistant. It is about executing a series of actions at a certain time of the day based on a few words that we say . Actions such as the simple act of leaving home, waking up, leaving work for home ...

For example, when we wake up we will say “OK Google” and, when it is activated, we say “Good morning”. Then the wake-up routine will be activated , which can be configured with different actions in the order we want. In my case I have personalized an order that is to turn on the WiFi first, after telling me the weather and informing me about events of that day and reminders.

Another interesting routine is when leaving work . Saying “OK Google” and then “Road Home Routine” will activate the exit plan from work. An idea for this plan is to put Maps with the journey home, read unread messages and announce to your devices connected to Google Home (at home) that you are on your way so that they can communicate it to whoever is in the house. These types of routines allow complete integration with home automation , so that if we have smart devices at home (light bulbs, speakers, thermostats ...) we can start them so that, when we get home, everything is prepared as we want.

For example, if we have a smart thermostat (recommended in hot and cold places), we can select the thermostat manufacturer's application and, by logging into our account with that manufacturer, we can enable it to turn on in a specific routine and leave the house at the temperature we want before we arrive. That is, to turn on the home heating automatically and remotely.

Set up wireless headphones with OK Google

Although we have been seeing numerous functions that will make our day to day easier, it would be great to use all this through wireless headphones compatible with Google Assistant . In the event that we have one of these (practically any mid-range wireless headset onwards is), we are going to enable the integrated microphone in these headphones to complement that of the smartphone. Thus, even if we have the Android mobile or tablet far away, we can still use OK Google.

To do this, we will go to the Google application again, we click "More", then "Settings" and finally "Voice". Here inside the key options are the last two that we already see activated (I have previously activated them). Now we have all the OK Google functions available from our headphones . In this section we can also download languages ​​to recognize our voice in other languages ​​when you do not have an internet connection. With the addition of the languages ​​that we most frequently use, it is enough not to touch this section again.

Full integration with Google Assistant

To finish, we need to give a few brushstrokes to some topics that we have not touched and that come hand in hand with the Google assistant . It is about configuring payment systems, flight reservations, purchases made and everything related to the world of consumption so that searches with OK Google are integrated with each other. In this way, Google Assistant will keep all these movements saved through OK Google and Maps. This is useful if, for example, you have placed an order and want to know where it is going (you can directly ask OK Google about that shipment), or you have bought transport tickets (it will keep you informed of the status of the trip and will remind you of it ), although there are more possibilities.

On the other hand, in that same section we can configure our tastes in terms of food, which will make searches on Maps using OK Google more accurate when finding take-out restaurants. You can select preferences regarding food in general, varieties of countries and even ingredient by ingredient. Obviously the reliability of this will depend on the information provided by each restaurant, but more and more food places offer a wide, very detailed menu for online orders.

You can now use Google Assistant to its full potential

With this guide on how to configure OK Google we have tried to cover practically all the uses that can be given to it, but here in this other we cover them more widely. From simple voice searches to complete personalized routines and a large integration in the world of home automation . Most users use it superficially, focusing on voice searches to locate restaurants, set routes for the car or public transport, or play music.

We have seen that its uses go much further and that, to use it fully, we will need a multitude of smart devices installed in the house to control them by OK Google commands and routines . The good part is that this is the market trend, trying to automate household tasks so that, when you get there, they are already done, so Google Assistant offers us the possibility of doing it. As OK Google is implemented, surely over time it updates to the new customs without any problem, so we can say that it will be a long-term utility and that, if we start to control it right now, the better.

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