Outriders: Everything we know about the 4 character classes so far - gameplay and skills Special

 In Outriders you can choose from 4 different character classes. OkayGotcha summarizes what is known about them so far.

This is Outriders: Outriders is a third-person shooter in which you and up to two group members go on the hunt for loot. Behind the title is developer People Can Fly, who is known, for example, for the wacky sci-fi shooter Bulletstorm.

The story takes place in a sci-fi setting on the planet Enoch. Players fight there against various threats that have arisen from a mysterious "anomaly". This anomaly is also the reason for the special abilities of the four different classes that you can choose from.

Update, February 26th: The skill trees of the individual classes and the German names of the subclasses have been added. We will keep the article up to date.

These are the classes of Outriders:

  • Pyromancer
  • Technomancer
  • Trickster
  • Devastator
Powerful combos can be achieved in a team.

This is how classes are structured: Each of these classes has its own healing mechanic, as there are no healing potions in Outriders. Here aggressive play is rewarded with healing. Each class has its own way of keeping itself alive.

For each class there are also three subclasses or skill paths with which you can specialize again. However, you are not limited to one subclass, you can also combine them.

How do skills work? Each class has up to 8 skills (you start with one skill) that prefer a certain style of play. You can actively use up to 3 skills at the same time and exchange them at any time - even in combat. You unlock skills by leveling up your class.

With each level you get skill points with which you can unlock skills and talents. You can reset your points at any time for free and try out new possibilities. OkayGotcha introduces you to the 4 classes in detail below.

Pyromancer - The "Fire Magician"

This is how the Pyromancer fights: You should choose this character if you want to fight at medium distances and control the battlefield. He has some fire skills that cause area damage. So you can burn several opponents at once and keep them under control.

The Pyromancer relies on three core properties: explosions, immobility and burning. In addition, the fire mage can heal himself by marking opponents with his skills and riveting them.

These are the well-known skills of the Pyromancer :

  • Thermal Bomb: Set your opponent on fire and immobilize them. If an enemy dies under the influence of the Thermal Bomb, it will explode and cause area damage.
  • Ash Blast: This area attack puts several enemies in a certain radius in the "Ash" status and makes them immobile.
  • Heatwave: Shoots a wave of fire forward that burns enemies and causes great damage on its way
  • Overheat: Works similar to Heatwave, but is more used to mark enemies and burn as many enemies as possible. Is more of a support skill.

These skills can be combined into strong power combos and allow you to develop strategies. For example, you can first burn enemies that come too close to you with Heatwave and then pin them down with Ash Blast.

These are the subclasses and the skill tree of the Pyromancer:

Outriders: Everything we know about the 4 character classes so far - gameplay and skills Special

  • Ashbreaker: Profits mainly from damage bonuses against marked enemies. Aimed at all-rounders.
  • Firestorm: Focus is on skill damage. If you want to maximize your fire damage, this is your subclass.
  • Arsonist: This sub-class focuses on survival skills and is more of a tank route. Your healing abilities are enhanced and you can even be revived by a unique talent.

Trickster - "The Assassin"

This is how the trickster fights: This class is considered the Assassin of Outriders. However, the skills are based on manipulating space and time. He fights on the front line and takes opponents by surprise with his speed. His strength is to be able to quickly eliminate individual opponents.

His melee ability is a kind of energy blade that can also be used to slow down enemies. The trickster keeps himself alive by taking out opponents in close combat. In addition, he briefly receives an energy shield from kills from close range. So risk is rewarded.

These are the well-known skills of the trickster:

  • Temporal Slice: This is the first skill a trickster can use. A long-range blow that temporarily slows enemies and also does great damage.
  • Borrowed Time: This skill gives you a percentage of your life points as an extra shield that can absorb damage. In addition, it leaves a “time clone” in the place where you used it. As long as this is active, you can teleport back to this point at any time.
  • Slow Trap: Create a field in which enemies and projectiles are slowed down, while you and your team can move in normal tenpo.
  • Hunt The Prey: This skill marks a target in your sight. If you use the skill again, you will be teleported directly to your victim. As soon as you do that, you also receive an energy shield, slow down the selected target and can quickly turn it off.

You can use all of these skills defensively as well as offensively. Teleportation can be useful, for example, if you want to throw yourself into the fray or have to escape from a dangerous situation.

These are the subclasses and the skill tree of the trickster:

These are the subclasses and the skill tree of the trickster

  • Looter: Affects how the trickster moves. Movement Speed ​​and Melee Attacks bonuses. If you use skills that affect your movement, the damage for submachine guns and shotguns is also increased.
  • Harbinger: This subclass is the tank path for the trickster. Bonuses strengthen your shield and reduce incoming damage.
  • Assassin: This path focuses on the trickster's skill damage.

Devastator - "The Devastator"

This is how the devastator fights: This class is something like the smack male in Outriders. He is able to interrupt opponents in their attacks and is an effective boss killer. His skills revolve around the control of gravity and earth-shaking attacks. But these properties are not only useful offensively, they can also be used for protection.

Similar to the Trickster, the Devastator gains life points when enemies are killed at close range. The difference, however, is that the Devastator has a significantly larger pool of life and armaments. With further, passive talents, the Devastator can become an absolute tank. Additionally, his melee attacks can inflict “Bleeding” status to do damage over time.

These are the well-known skills of the devastator:

  • Gravity Leap: With this ability you can temporarily float in the air, similar to the Storm Javelin from Anthem . If you activate the skill again while aiming at an opponent, you start to dive and crash into the victim of your choice. This not only hits a target, but also causes additional area damage.
  • Reflect Bullets: This skill generates a gravity field that intercepts enemy shots. With it you can protect yourself and your teammates from enemy fire. In addition, you can throw back all intercepted shots at your enemies.
  • Impale: You can summon pointed rock pillars that ram one or more enemies from below. If the damage is fatal, opponents are impaled. This not only looks brutal, but gives your team a 9-second bonus on armor and status resistance. The skill also catches enemies who are in cover.
  • Endless Mass: This ability summons a lump of gravity that pulls all enemies in the area towards you. A personal black hole, so to speak. This causes damage and can be combined with other skills and area attacks, since enemies are at one point.

These are the subclasses and the skill tree of the devastator:

These are the subclasses and the skill tree of the devastator

  • Vanquisher: This path focuses on hand-to-hand combat and brings damage bonuses for shotguns and assault rifles.
  • Protector: With this subclass, the Devastator becomes the ultimate tank - thanks to massive bonuses to life, armor and status resistances.
  • Quakebringer: This sub-class is more focused on damage over time, status effects, and mid-range combat.

Technomancer - "The Supporter"

This is how the technomancer fights: This class offers a wide variety of possibilities and is not necessarily the class for players who just want to deal powerful damage. The Technomancer is the only class that can actively heal team members. He also has access to some gadgets like guns, a minigun or a rocket launcher, and his melee attack can also freeze enemies.

In addition to the healing ability for the whole team, the Technomancer keeps himself alive by dealing damage. Part of the damage done is returned as life points.

These are the known skills of the technomancer:

  • Tool of Destruction: This skill has two variants. One spawns a minigun, the other spawns a rocket launcher. Both can deal massive damage against one or more opponents until the ammunition runs out. The rocket launcher is especially useful against bosses as it can interrupt them when using skills.
  • Fixing Wave: This ability is the only one in Outriders that can actively heal yourself or others. The distance to your team members is not important. In addition, gadgets such as guns are repaired.
  • Pain Launcher: This skill activates a stationary artillery launcher that independently takes your opponents under fire. These not only take damage when hit, but are also interrupted in their actions.
  • Blighted Turret: Places an automatic turret. This gadget fires poisonous gases at your opponents, which are poisoned accordingly and suffer damage over time.
  • Cold Snap: With this ability, opponents can be frozen in a large area and thus immobilized.

These are the subclasses and the skill tree of the technomancer:

These are the subclasses and the skill tree of the technomancer

  • Breath of Blight: This path focuses on the damage caused by your weapons and gadgets.
  • Tech-Shaman : With this subclass you can specialize in the support role and indirect damage. Your gadgets, healing and ice effects are enhanced. The last talent in the skill tree also gives you extra damage if you use a gadget and even a second chance if you should die. Then your life points are partially replenished.
  • Destroyer: This specialization is a kind of all-rounder path that all of your skills can benefit from. Thanks to a perk, all frozen enemies are also poisoned.

The skill trees of the individual classes have already been compiled by a fan in this document . These versions are based on previously shown gameplay. Note that this is not the final version and that the skill trees in the demo and full version can look different.

In addition to all these options for the various classes, you will also have additional options with your loot to adapt your play style.

When does Outriders appear? After postponement, Outriders will be released on April 1, 2021 for PC, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PS4 and PS5.

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