Persona 5 Strikers - Akane Hasegawa Guide


Persona 5 Strikers - Akane Hasegawa Guide

Akane Hasegawa is a new Persona 5 Strikers character. In the game she is the daughter of Zenkichi Hasegawa  and she is a student who lives alone in Kyoto.

In the Metaverse Akane is the monarch of the Kyoto Prison who uses the EMMA application to dismantle the police.

Being a Boss in this guide we are going to see which party is best to use in order to beat it without particular problems.

Akane Hasegawa

Name: Akane Hasegawa

Monarch Name : Shadow of Akane

Domain : Kyoto

Profession: Student

Akane Hasegawa is a dark brown short haired girl, she wears a red hair clip, her eyes are dark brown. While she doesn't show it by looks, Akane is actually about to graduate.

She often wears a black school uniform with red details and carries a pink backpack on her left shoulder.

His form in the Metaverse completely changes his clothing, from the school uniform to the Phantom Thieves uniform with a black mask that features a red drop under the right eye. Her crown in this case is a black top hat that she wears on her head, finally her hair turns black with red locks. Once the headgear is removed, Akane loses control of the Kyoto Prison.


Akane is an avid young fan of the Phantom Thieves, in fact her room is filled with themed merchandise, many of which are handmade. In addition to studying, she is also a streamer and boasts a channel with 50,000 followers.

The girl completely hates the police, as two years before the events of Persona 5, they were unable to investigate the death of her mother, despite herself being present during the murder.

His father Zenkichi Hasegawa apparently does nothing to shed light on the disappearance of his mother and for this reason she treats him badly, combined with the fact that often the parent does not return home.

He doesn't trust others precisely because of his father's behavior, so he asks for EMMA's help. Once corrupted by the application it behaves in a very similar way to what was seen with  Akira Konoe .

Akane's Joker stats

Akane Hasegawa is not a normal boss like everyone else, in fact even his fight will be atypical. You're going to have to fight right against the copies of the Phantom Thieves.

Life points???
Strikes Bar KO 4
ResistorsElectro and Wind
Obtainable items

Akane's Joker skill

Slash AttackJoker hits you with the dagger
GunshotJoker fires a shot at you with his revolver
Spinning MoveRotate around a pole with the red lantern in the area, you can stop it by firing a shot.

Recommended party

First nameNote
Persona 5 Strikers - Protagonist JokerJokerIn this fight, you can only use the Joker.

Strategy to beat him

As anticipated before, the fight against Akane is atypical compared to the other bosses, in fact you will see it against Akane's Joker, or the cognitive version created by Akane's Shadow to be able to fight against the real Phantom Thieves.

The fight is a bit challenging due to the limitation imposed on the party, as you can only use the Joker , so bring lots of healing items with you . The boss is weak to ice damage, so equip Joker with Personae capable of using that element's abilities.

Also take advantage of the Technical damage by chaining the various skills, for example if you inflict the status on fire, remember to use a wind-type skill in sequence, or if frozen, immediately use nuclear-type skills.

Beware of Akane's Joker skills, which she uses in quick succession. Its movement speed will in fact be equal to yours, so be very careful because it will be easy to run into a Game Over.

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