Persona 5 Strikers - Akira Konoe Guide

Persona 5 Strikers - Akira Konoe Guide

 Akira Konoe is a new character appearing in Persona 5 Strikers. In the game he is the president of Madicce, an international IT company based in Osaka.

He is the current president of the Madicce company, a very famous international company and he is the developer of the EMMA application, capable of making their users interact with the Metaverse.

In the Metaverse Akira is the Monarch of the Osaka Prison that he uses through his EMMA application to make all the people he wants to have a change of heart.

Being a Boss in this guide we are going to see which party is best to use in order to beat him without particular problems.

Akira Konoe

Name: Akira Konoe

Monarch Name : Akira the Hero

Prison : Osaka Prison

Profession: Madicce Company President

Akira Konoe is a tall, black-haired, athletic man. When in CEO clothing, he always wears a blue shirt with a white t-shirt underneath, along with a pair of matching pants.

His form in the Metaverse, on the other hand, appears in armor similar to that used by his favorite super hero, Zephyrman.

In combat, Akira wields a lightsaber and her face is completely obscured by a white helmet, the helmet in this case acts as a crown which, when removed, releases all the wishes contained within it, freeing Osaka Prison.


Akira Konoe is a man with a misleading sense of justice, due to domestic abuse suffered by his father at a young age. After such a past, Akira began to esteem the hero Zephyrman trying to give meaning to justice.

He accidentally killed his father, and from that point on, Konoe developed a Macchiavellian line of thinking. According to Akira, in fact, the ends justify the means, justifying the use of oppressor methods against the oppressors themselves.

This thought of his leads him to approve the use of figures such as those of corrupt politicians and the EMMA app itself, created to be able to manipulate the Metaverse at will, managing to drive the entire population of Okinawa crazy.

Mech Zephyrus stats

Life points16000
Strikes Bar KO 8
WeaknessesElectro, Nuclear
ResistorsFire, Wind, Sacred, Cursed
Exp / Yen Rewards

Ability of Mech Zephyrus

Rocket PunchMech Zephyrus fires punches in front of him.
Pounce Attack Mech Zephyrus leaps to the ground.
Supernova Mech Zephyrus rotates clockwise and fires two laser beams, also fires missiles that reach enemies outside the range of the lasers. After using this ability, he cannot move.
Prominence Ray Mech Zephyrus moving slowly, starts firing a huge beam from the chest.
Homing MissilesCreate a barrage of missiles that hit the targeted targets.
Double Laser Mech Zephyrus slowly rotates as he fires lasers from his feet

Akira the Hero stats

Life points15000
Strikes Bar KO 8
WeaknessesElectro, Nuclear
Resistors -
Exp / Yen Rewards

Skill of Hero Akane

Justice Slash - Type 1Akira the Hero hits the enemy in front of him three times with his lightsaber.
Justice Slash - Type 2Akira the Hero hits a party member with the lightsaber.
Justice Slash - Type 3Akira the Hero dashes as he hits all enemies with his lightsaber.
Justice Slash - Type ZeroAkira the Hero fires a shockwave from his lightsaber.
Dynamic WeatherAkira the Hero jumps and creates a shock wave as soon as it hits the ground.
MegidolaonSevere divine damage over a large area.

Recommended party

Persona 5 Strikers - Makoto Niijima QueenQueenHe has nuclear-type abilities at his disposal which are very effective against Mech Zephyrus and Akira the Hero.
Persona 5 Strikers - Ryuji Sakamoto SkullSkullHe has electro-type abilities at his disposal which are very effective against Mech Zephyrus and Akira the Hero.
Persona 5 Strikers - Zenkichi Hasegawa WolfWolfHe has at his disposal the ability that the Mech Zephyrus and Akira the Hero cannot resist.

Strategy to beat him

The battle against Akira Konoe is divided into two phases, one in which you will have to defeat the Mech Zephyrus and a second where you will have to beat Akira the Hero.

 Mech Zephyrus

In the first, the one against the Mech Zephyrus, we advise you to hit it from the side, as its attacks always tend to hit whoever is in front of it. You will only have to worry about missiles and lasers, both airborne and ground.

Try to especially avoid the lasers, which will inflict an enormous amount of damage if they hit you.

Remember to use Electric and Nuclear-type attacks, which are effective against the Mech Zephyrus, just bring Makoto and Ryuji into the party thus having access to their powerful abilities. You can even use Zenkichi , which will come in handy thanks to divine-type abilities.

You can use the turrets placed on the ledges to momentarily stun the Mech Zephyrus, allowing you to inflict free damage to the enemy.

Akira The Hero

In this second phase you will see it directly against Akira the Hero, who will use melee attacks using his lightsaber. Normally he will throw three blows with the sword, all avoidable given the slowness of his movements.

Don't think about looking for the fight from afar, as if you move away, Akira the Hero will activate a barrier that will hurl a wave of energy at you and damage you.

We advise you to try to beat him in close combat, using the same weaknesses of the Mech Zephyrus, namely the Electric and Nuclear type abilities. You can also try to use Yusuke who through his ice-type abilities can freeze Akira the Hero

Always remember to carry lots of healing items so that you can survive as long as possible.

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